Posted by: maboulette | September 19, 2016

Freedom of the Press in the Trump Campaign


While Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of being crooked and freedom hating, a member of the press was arrested at a Houston rally after simply inquiring about press credentials.

Vice News                                                                           

Alex Thompson of Vice News was arrested at the Omni Westside hotel for “trespassing.” Thompson, questioning as to whether or not his unresolved press credentials had been approved or denied, entered the hotel lobby to ask members of Trump’s communications staff what the final say was.

According to Vice News:

A man who identified himself as a hotel manager then asked Thompson to leave and warned that he would be arrested if he did not. Roughly two minutes later, without further warning and while Thompson was waiting for a member of Trump’s staff to clarify his access to the event, he was arrested by Houston Police, handcuffed, and escorted outside. Thompson spoke with his editors while handcuffed and said that he was never given any opportunity to explain himself to police.

No rally reporting

Just like that, a reporter was arrested for requesting an answer to his capacity to report on the rally, which is his constitutional right.

Campaign Denied

The Trump campaign denied knowing or involvement of the incident, saying, “The campaign was not involved in this incident or aware of the details surrounding it. The event organizers were responsible for today’s media presence and requested the campaign limit attendance to the traveling pool.”


Thompson was released on bond overnight, and Houston police claimed that he issued an ultimatum: arrest him or leave him alone, because he is not leaving until he gets an answer, as he as a member of the press is entitled to.


Vice has hinted that their lawyers are working on getting the charges dropped.

Too far out?

Given Trump and his campaign’s hostility to the media (which includes:

Could having a reporter arrested seem too far out there? The answer is no.


Whether or not Trump or anyone in his campaign made the call is not known. But we do know this much:

  • Campaign had his credentials pending;
  • Inquiring to no avail;
  • Inquiring again;
  • Arrested for “trespassing”;
  • It was a public event.

Hates press

Trump is no friend of the press, or the freedom of the press to report on the idiotic and absurd things he and his supporters cough up.

This should scare everyone!



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