Posted by: maboulette | September 14, 2016

Information on Trump’s Dr. Harold Bornstein


Penning Donald Trump’s enthusiastic clean bill of health in five minutes might have been one of Dr. Harold Bornstein’s least important mistakes. In 2002, he paid $86,250 to the husband of a former patient to settle a lawsuit claiming that Bornstein overmedicated his wife with powerful, unneeded prescriptions, which contributed to her addiction—and ultimately her death.

2002 Lawsuit

The 2002 lawsuit is one of three malpractice claims brought against Trump’s longtime gastroenterologist since 1992, two of which claim the doctor improperly ordered powerful drugs which led to the death of patients. Both of those cases were settled before jury trials, with no finding of liability against Dr. Bornstein.

Candidates’ health

Health has become a central focus of the 2016 presidential campaign, with Donald Trump and his surrogates pushing conspiracy theories that Clinton suffers from several office-disqualifying maladies including strokes. On Sunday, Donald Trump challenged Hillary Clinton to release “detailed medical records” and said he had “no problem in doing so,” hours after the Clinton campaign published a takedown of Dr. Bornstein’s statement that questioned his professionalism and credentials. 

One complaint

In one of the complaints, reviewed by The Daily Beast, Kenneth Levin alleged Bornstein “was negligent, careless, and unskilled in failing to properly diagnose the plaintiff” and in treating his wife, Janet Levin.


The complaint also alleges Bornstein was negligent

  • failing to make a referral to a mental health professional;
  • in wrongfully prescribing tuinal, morphine, and valium, particularly in light of the history of drinking;
  • in improperly and negligently seeing the patient without providing treatment; and in overmedicating the decedent.”

According to the complaint, Bornstein began treating 49-year-old Janet Levin in 1994 and soon was seeing her “several times a week,” but provided no further medical treatment other than medicating her with tuinal and valium “greatly in excess of appropriate do.

The question could become why is this man’s Trump ‘s doctor?


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