Posted by: maboulette | August 30, 2016

Stand With History


I am so sick of hearing the remarks made about Hillary Clinton.   The remark that really gets me is when someone says – “she’s not really that great”.

Well she damn well it that great.  Sec. Clinton is possibly the smartest person to ever run for the presidency as well as the most experienced.  Hillary Clinton has a history in public service that spans 50 years in service to her country helping people who are among the less fortunate – the poor, children, elderly, disabled or sick – those who are less able to take care of themselves. This is truly what a Christian life stands for.

The last 30 years of her life has been investigated up and down and sideways and she has been found guilty of Nothing – she has been found guilty of NOTHING.

She is married to a former President who has spent his post-presidential years legally raising huge amounts of money for his Foundation and traveling the world helping millions of people.

Is she flawed?  Yes, all humans have flaws!  Has she lied – probably but all humans have lied in their lifetimes.

God has placed this woman at this time in the history of our country and if you are too stupid to see the benefits that this fine woman will bring to our country then I feel sorry for you.  


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