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What Some of Our Allies Think About Donald Trump (as of Aug 2006)


Last night I heard an interesting interview with Malcolm Nance who is a Counter Terrorism & Intelligence officer.  This gentleman has 33 years of fighting terrorism for the United States.  He stated that Trump is getting people who are fighting in Afghanistan and Libya killed because of some of his comments. Other countries are terrified of Donald Trump becoming president because of comments that Trump has made about asking other countries to pay for our protection.  What Trump does not understanding is that this is an international fight and we need our allies as much as they need us.

That lead me to research and see what other countries private citizens feel about Donald Trump. 

ENGLANDPeter Hawkins 

Donald Trump is universally viewed as an offensive fool who is totally out of his depth and not fit to be President of the USA. This is believed regardless of where you fit on the political spectrum. For example, his plan to ban Muslims entering the USA has been explicitly condemned by both Labour’s Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) and the former Prime Minister Conservative David Cameron.

His candidacy is viewed with a kind of morbid fascination. It genuinely is electric television. He literally made a penis size joke in a candidate’s debate! That’s genuinely hilarious! Only problem is that it’s not a fictional drama, but a real life competition to determine who gets to decide the direction of the most powerful nation in the world 

DENMARK: Martin Frøkjær 

When Trump first entered the political race in the primary 2015, we laughed and shook our head at ‘those silly Americans’, as virtually all the stereotypical images we have of you were reinforced.

But we never imagined that Trump would actually be able to win the primary. We still chuckled a bit, with an added nervous glance as we eyed each other thinking ‘well, he’s still leagues behind in the opinion polls….’

We’ve stopped laughing now. The main focus isn’t Trump himself, but that he’s being enabled by both your political system and your population.

We’ve seen our fair share of charismatic ‘strong’ leaders rising in our history in Europe, and luckily we’ve also witnessed their fall.

AUSTRALIA: Peter Baskerville

What worries us in Australia is the significant number of people in the US that currently think that this “homegrown demagogue,” is a credible candidate to be the “leader of the free world.”

Apart from a small percentage of extreme bogans/rednecks, I doubt that you would find another Aussie in support of this seemingly delusional person, particularly with him as President having access to the nuclear codes that together with his “carpet bombing” diplomacy, could so easily lead us all into World War III.

In this regard, we all need to heed Albert Einstein’s advice

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

Since the end of the last world war in 1945, Australians have looked to the “Leader of the free world” as the champion of the just and noble causes of global peace and stability, democracy, adherence to the “rule of law,” freedom, equality and solidarity.

Our Aussie fighting men and women have chosen to stand by the US in every global conflict from that time until today, with many paying the ultimate sacrifice. It is simply us playing our part along with the USA, in the fight to uphold these values and truths that both our countries hold to be self-evident.

The USA’s greatness was built on your abundant generosity. It was built on your open world-wide call to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” it was built on your incessant championing of just and noble causes and it was built on the undeniable fact that the USA and its citizens, truly embody the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” 

ITALY: Gennaro Cuofano,

In Italy, like in US there is a Black & White area. Therefore, like in US, where there are Democratic and Republican, so in Italy we have PDL (Democratic party) and Forza Italia (Republican party). Therefore, most of PDL people think that Trump is a crook, while most of Forza Italia people see him as a good presidency candidate.

Yet Italy is not all Black & White but there is a much wider grey area compared to US. Therefore, Italy is not as polarized as US. 


Most South Africans tend to see Trump as some sort of a messiah and realist because he seemingly is telling the truth about the corruption, violence and poverty South Africa supposedly has to face.

This goes as far as thinking that this Muslim “problem” that we supposedly have to face is real even when estimated evidence that the majority of Muslims are nonviolent and moderate for the most part. The Muslim community in South Africa is small, generally wealthy, liberal-to-moderate and secular so it is hard for them to see why this so-called businessman could ever make sense.

Unfortunately, insular and provincial attitude created by Apartheid and the resulting isolation has left many in South Africa with a dulled and oft-simple-minded view of international affairs. As such, they tend to deem themselves as superior to most of their African neighbours while (falsely) believing any First World Country to be much better than they are based on vague, trivial and short-sighted facts.

This isn’t helped by all the reality shows where Trump is featured in one way or the other, the corruption coming from our current ANC government and the bad press constantly coming from Zimbabwe.

While the majority of youth are beginning to see the Donald for who he is, many are either still in the dark on the one end and misled on the other end. While most of his vocal supporters are White SANS, many Blacks, Indians and so-called Coloureds have also voiced their support of him as well.

Luckily, our press and intellectual circles are completely against him and will make this known to everyone through various means. Many of our academics and internationally-minded also share the same sentiments. 


Firstly, it’s important to say that any country’s citizens don’t have an established consensus on any topic, so this kind of questions generalizes their opinion.

Anyways, Spanish politics, in general, is more inclined to the left-wing than USA politics, as the most popular right-wing party, Partido Popular, is even slightly more to the left than the actual Democrat Party. Therefore, the general consensus shows negativity towards Donald Trump.

The Spain newspapers are saying:

Columna | TrumperíasCreate a huge lie, hysterically encourage it, and wantonly gallop it at the most ignorant electorate. A propagandistic operation that will make history in political marketing. We are going to make America great again, says Donald Trump. Like USA was in decline.

Donald Trump

Accusing the Muslim community of USA, in general, of complicity in Orlando’s terrorist attack because they didn’t report potential jihadists suspects, as Republican Party’s candidate to the White House, Donald Trump, has done, is a serious irresponsibility, unacceptable in someone who aspires to be USA’s president.…

Donald Trump cares about nothing. Being a millionaire and not suffering electoral wastage because of his actions is something that makes it easy to do anything. That’s why he doesn’t care about being a humbug, and charging against anyone he doesn’t like. Even if it’s necessary to use racist, xenophobic, sexist, or violent comments; which grants more attention to him than to any other republican candidate that seeks for the nomination to the White House.

EN NUESTRA OPINIÓN: El indignante discurso de Donald Trump

Trump supposes that some immigrants are good? He supposes it? Those words are outrageous, shocking from someone who aspires to presidency. The multi-millionaire sees the numerous immigrants from Mexico through a discrimination prism. But Trump shall know very well that immigrants travel to that country to work hard to provide for their families, after escaping hopelessness, misery, and many times, hunger on their countries. They come seeking the opportunity to survive, which they don’t have in the place where they come from. 

NEW ZEALAND: Frans du Plessis,

On a more serious note, this man seems to be feeding off people’s fears and doesn’t seem to give a damn about what he’s saying. He’s being openly racist and insulting towards everyone and seems to be getting away with it. Trump has zero political experience. He’s got a fraud University which has cheated so many students and literally zero knowledge on science (climate change denial). He is a shrewd business man who knows how to exploit the system (filing for multiple bankruptcies). USA is not a business. This is the man who literally wanted the stock markets to crash. Please fellow Americans. Stop this man before it’s too late. All he spreads is hate and fear and he’s got extremely tiny hands.

This article just about sums it up:

President Donald Trump? Is he joking?

Usually when you’ve got that many people running for the same political office it is pretty easy to pick the serious contenders from the deluded and desperate. Not this time; not with the Republicans. In fact when you consider, at time of writing, that Donald Trump is leading the polls, then it is like the Republicans have managed to invert this state of affairs and have handed over the job of driving the bus to the biggest nut-bar on board. 

So, I guess the question we need to ask ourselves – and America – is: is this a joke or should we be taking this seriously? I mean, wasn’t the big cosmic plan meant to be that Donald declared for the presidency, we all laughed, then he said some really stupid things and then we laughed some more and then he disappeared off the bottom of the polls and went back to making money and bad reality television? That was the plan, right? I mean, rich right-wing Americans should stick to buying politicians, not being politicians, right? 

Yes, America, we who live in the sane world realise this is the part of the process where the candidates all do their little monkey dances and say the stupidest things in an attempt to rise from the pack, to get the media attention they crave. But the problems here are that: (a) the dances they’re doing are frightening in their stupidity; (b) the things they are saying are really not making America look good to everyone else; and (c) when the pack is being led by the Trumpster, the rational folk who also live on this planet are unsure whether to laugh, cry, despair or invest in fallout shelters. 

AUSTRIA (EUROPE) – Jürgen Eixelsberger

Most people in Austria are either horrified or amused by Trump – often both.

Coming from the country that (not so proudly) brought the prototype of a right populist back in the 1930s, they recognise one when they see him… However, this doesn’t prevent the Austrian people from falling for them again and again in their own elections – but that’s a different story.

So those people in Austria who just follow the news with minor interest are mostly amused and entertained by Trump. Newspapers will report any new insult or not-so-intelligent comment by Trump; the readers will laugh about it and about the fact, that Trump made it so far. Most media will especially point out his bad taste regarding interior design. Unlike other countries, here he is not viewed as a hero because he somehow made a lot of money.

Those people who are more interested in US and/or global politics are rather worried (but still amused). The rise of right wing populists is a phenomenon in many countries around the world – also Austria (again). The ingredients they use (fear of the unknown and retreat to nationalism) are surprisingly similar.

Many things are not understood, e.g. why religion is taken so serious in US politics, or the bigotry involved. In Austria, the right wing parties also refer to their “Christian values” but in most cases it’s irrelevant to the voters. Austria also has a presidential election this fall, which will be similar to the US between a senior left wing candidate (green party, so rather like Bernie Sanders) and a younger right wing (populist) candidate. The right wing candidate use very similar rhetoric as Trump (blames the foreigners, close the borders… Blahblah). He tried to point out the fact, that the other candidate is not a Christian (but an atheist) to get the support of Christians – and failed! Even many Catholic priests and organizations appreciated the atheist candidate than a right wing populist.

Bernie Sanders’ ideas of a future USA sound like the daily life in most European countries (health insurance, affordable education etc.). On the other side, the easy access to guns would not be acceptable in Austria society (again: the right wing politicians in Austria also favour this idea). Trump seems to be the distilled version of all post-war-stereotypes you could have in Europe of an American: very rich, but not very intelligent or polite, takes what he wants and likes to show off (no insult intended…)

So following Donald Trump and his appearances in the media is like passing by an accident on the highway: You know it’s not nice what you are seeing but you still have to watch it in fascination and horror. Deep in your heart you are glad, that it’s not you who is affected, but there is also a bit of fear that it might catch you next time… 

CANADA: Carolyn Dalton 

An American who recently immigrated to Canada, and nearly every Canadian you talk to in the last year have mentioned being actively afraid of Donald Trump.

Imagine you own a house in a nice, quiet neighbourhood, and the house next door goes up for sale. One day, a man pulls up in a flashy sedan and starts touring the place, griping all the while: the yard isn’t big enough; the basement doesn’t seem ideal to hold his yuge gun collection. You recognize his face (and yeesh, his hair) from local TV: he’s the sleaziest used car salesman in town, and his tacky commercials are hard to forget. He announces that he’s going to buy it, and loudly picks a pointless fight with the family living two doors down from you. Then, some members from the local KKK chapter pull up and park behind him, get out of their car, and start discussing how great he is.

Let’s be clear about one thing: You do not want this man to buy the house next to yours. The very idea sickens and terrifies you beyond words.

This is pretty close to how most Canadians seem to feel about Donald Trump.


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