Posted by: maboulette | August 8, 2016

What Ex-CIA Morell Said About Benghazi


Hillary Clinton’s statement to the grieving mother of a Benghazi, Libya victim that the deadly 2012 assault was caused by an anti-Islam video was as “true” as the fact it was a terror strike, according to ex-CIA acting director Michael Morell.  This was in an interview Sunday with ABC News’ “This Week.” 

Many have said that and yet others just refuse to believe that.   Morell said the video had a part to play in that attack and Republicans just don’t want people to believe that. 

Morell said that in 2014, The FBI testified to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and believed that the video was a motivation for that attack.  Abu Khattala who is the only one arrested for that event said that the video was the motivation. 

The mother of victim Sean Smith has called Clinton a “liar” for asserting the terror strike was caused by a video and that is what is echoing with voters.

As for the misuse of classified information in her use of a private email server while Sec. of State, Morell defended her by saying that there were only 3 emails in question and the “c” for classification in those 3 were in the footer of the document where it normally does not appear.  

Morell also charged that GOP nominee Donald Trump has become an “unwitting agent of the Russian Federation, and president Vladimir Putin. 

“He saw that Donald Trump wanted to be complimented. He complimented him,” he said, adding “And Donald Trump didn’t even understand that Putin was playing him.” 

Foreign countries do investigations on candidates in countries that they would like to use in some ways and Putin knows that Trump thrives on compliments.   Perhaps they believe that Clinton will be harder to use in ways that benefit Russia than Trump would – so of course they want Trump to win our election.



  1. Sorry= BS. She emailed Chelsea at the same time she was telling people it was about the video AND her own email stated she TOLD Susan Rice to blame it on the video the next Sunday morning news shows. THEY NEW and lied about it anyways. You have a right to your opinion but not to change facts.They lied because it was two weeks before the election. She’s a lying weasel!

    • Read again – you want so bad for this to be a problem for her that you are not reading the article correctly.

  2. It is and should be a problem for her. She is not worthy to be President of the United States and either is her opponent Mr Trump. Neither one has ANY moral character. They disgust me! My beef with you is your blind obedience to this woman that is a manipulating, lying POS. I’m really not sure where this leaves those of us that expect better, these two are completely unacceptable to me and I will not support either one. My grandchildren deserve better. You do what you want but please don’t continue to insult my intelligence touting the virtues of Hillary Clinton. She has none.

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