Posted by: maboulette | July 21, 2016



There was some sense of Democratic schadenfreude over the Republican event, which was marred by Melania Trump’s plagiarism scandal, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz getting booed on stage after telling delegates to “vote your conscience” and numerous high-profile Republicans skipping Cleveland altogether.

Franken, a former comedian who called the convention’s tone “startlingly ugly,” poked fun over how many speakers thus far have been Trump’s relatives. “One thing I will say about [vice presidential candidate Mike] Pence’s speech: It was refreshing to see somebody say something good about Donald Trump who wasn’t actually related to him or stood to inherit a lot of his money,” he quipped.

Wasserman Schultz pointed to the chaos that occurred Wednesday night when Cruz, who ran a fierce campaign against Trump, refused to endorse his own party’s nominee and then was roundly booed during his RNC speech. The Trump campaign was responsible for “orchestrating the booing and jeering of their own primetime speaker,” Wasserman Schultz told reporters.

The Clinton campaign has held daily press events from its Cleveland counterconvention headquarters and sent dozens of rapid-response emails during the night’s speeches rebutting RNC speakers’ claims.

The Democratic National Convention may face its own drama, depending on how supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders decide to act. In the past, Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver said he believed some Sanders delegates would boo Wasserman Schultz, though the campaign has encouraged them not to. However, Sanders has since endorsed Clinton and been offered a prime speaking slot, soothing some tensions between the camps.

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