Posted by: maboulette | July 16, 2016



OMG I just finished listening to Trump’s speech introducing Pence – most of it was Trump talking about how great Trump is and all the things he and Pence are going to do – without any specifies of how they are going to do any of these wonderful things. 

Also Trump was speaking off of a prepared text but he can’t stay on topic – he is so funny to watch. 

Pence also reversed every position he has had for many years – how sad just to run as VP for Trump.

But Trump is better than any candidate “ever” – I have a hard time listening to him talking about how great he is – greater than anyone in the Republican party – ever!  He brags about winning every primary in a landslide. 

All I can say I hope Trump goes off of his prepared speech when accepting his party’s nomination Thursday night.  Which I think he will – should be interesting. 

He is by far the most egotistical and narcissistic human being I have ever seen running for President of the United States.




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