Posted by: maboulette | July 15, 2016



What do you think the odds are? The city of Eugene is asking the Trump campaign to reimburse expenses for security during his visit in May:…

The city of Eugene is seeking $92,300 in reimbursements from the Donald Trump campaign after his rally at the Lane Events Center racked up quite the bill. Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns said overtime compensation for officers added up to $78,000. There was also about $6,800 in overtime costs for Eugene Springfield Fire and $3,000 in other overtime expenses for city employees, he said.

Additionally, materials and supplies, including meals and other expenses for more than 170 police officers and others assigned to the event, cost the city about $4,500, Kerns said. Trump’s rally on May 6 was most likely the most costly campaign visit for which Eugene police have provided security, Kerns said in a statement issued late Wednesday afternoon.

.. While the city of Eugene waits to hear whether it will be reimbursed by Trump’s campaign, the incurred expenses will be paid with savings from job vacancies within the police department, according to Kerns.

My guess is that they’ll be waiting a looong time!



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