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I meet you all the time. You are on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and every comment section of almost any article I read – and one of you has comments to make about almost everything I write on my blog.  (Yes, Steve from Pennsylvania that’s you).

You hate Obama. You hate Clinton. You hate immigrants, black people, Muslims, labor unions, women who only want to make their own choices regarding their bodies. You hated gay people until 49 of them were murdered at a place where they go to get away from people like you who hate them so you can’t openly hate them right now.

You hate being called bigots or racists but you voted for a man to run for president who is full of both. 

Maybe if you talked about people that aren’t white without immediately assuming they are on food stamps while challenging them for their birth certificates and blood tests before collecting unemployment; we wouldn’t call you bigots.  If he told us how he was going to create jobs rather than talk about why he hates Mexicans or Muslims; people would stop calling you and him racists.

You hate socialism and social justice without even knowing what those words mean. You hate taxes, regulations, spending and the Government.


You like war. You like torture. You love Jesus (I know because you post it on Facebook over and over again.)  I have no idea how any of those 3 are compatible, but no one ever blamed you of being too-committed to religious consistency. You like those people who look just like you or at least ones who hate the majority of the things you hate.

Granted, you love this country and its founding fathers (until someone reminds you that the founding fathers were firm believers in the separation of church and state), but I need to also remind you that America is NOT what Fox News, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly say it is. America is a melting pot and (some of us actually remember being taught that in school) it always has been. America is a mixture of all kinds of people and cultures, but still you demonize anyone who is not a white, Christian, heterosexual male or his obedient and submissive wife. And you voted for a man that you know damn well is not a devoted Christian.


You hate moderates and really hate liberals, and all those who disagree with Conservative dogma as endorsed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

Now that everything plus the kitchen sink has been flung at President Obama and it still hasn’t worked; you are panicked. Obama’s approval rating is 50% even with your finest efforts to undercut America’s recovery and economy every way you could.  I can go to any of the comments on any website and I read that Obama is going to go down in history as the worse President ever and you hate him and you hate his wife and his daughters – good Christian principals! 

You have also done that to the Clintons although except for lying about sex and being careless on using servers for personal email – numerous investigations and millions and millions of dollars have been spent to investigate every single thing in their life going back 30 years.  Read the Ken Starr report and the just released FBI report on the use of personal servers – you can find both and both show the Clintons are not murderers, drug runners (Sec Clinton yells at her husband a lot and you would too) but criminals they are not….. They probably do lie but how many of you have not lied about something in your business dealings or sex life? How many of you or members of the Republican Congress could have special investigators go back through your past for 3 decades and come up with a clean record – I doubt any and except for Bill lying about sex – there is nothing they have done that justifies the hatred all of you have for them.

With Obama, you tried hard to hold our American economy hostage in order to force defaulting on our debts; debts that were charged up under Bush who had two sets of books, (one with the war debt on them and another without) so the blame could be switched to Obama and that didn’t work for you …did it?   Now, you vote for a man who will default or pay off our debts for pennies on a dollar – and put us into a financial position that our country might never recover from.

The House and Senate that you voted for have used the filibuster rule more than any other Congress in history, even to vote ‘NO’ to giving health care to 9/11 first responders. You do remember 9/11, and how it was used to lie us into the war in Iraq, and when Obama found and killed Bin Laden and then ended the war in Iraq, you told everyone that he hates America and only wants our troops to fail or all of this is just a false flag operation for conspiracy theorists. You hate Obama with a passion, in spite of the fact that he is a deficit reducing, tax cutting, war President who delivered corporate supporters watered down reforms that profited special interests just like a Republican. But instead you call him a Kenyan and a socialist.


Actually your hatred nauseates me and many of you, disgust me. I am offended by your bigotry and racism. And I question your patriotism – not all the voters but the people you have voted into office – I question their patriotism.

I don’t even think they really want America to win their wars, they only want America to be in wars, never ending wars and the war profiteering that comes with them. Congress loves that type of spending, and really loves spending on ‘abstinence based sex education’faith based initiatives’ and spending on ‘subsidizations for profitable oil corporations’.

When a Republican is in the White House, Congress spends like “drunken sailors” but if a Democrat occupies the Oval Office then how quickly everyone cheers when America doesn’t get the Olympics since it possibly would have made our black President look good.  The Congress doesn’t want the voters knowing how many jobs would have been created or how much money it would have bought into our country.


But oooh how Republicans love their country and they want their country back. Well it isn’t only your country, you don’t own it; it belongs to all of us. We are a Constitutional Republic – and not the Theocracy that many of you wish we were.  

Republicans can NOT win on the issues. You’ve got NOTHING to win on. All you do have is a ‘divide and conquer’ war of class that has the ignorant bigoted racists fighting the rest of us in a meaningless, hate battle on wedge issues. The Republican agenda of tax cuts for the rich, deregulation, privatization, war profiteering and nothing else is all you have and that has not worked before; so all you can do is blame blacks, gays, the government, anybody and everyone else for your own failings. The party of ‘personal responsibility’ that is some joke.  And Trump can’t even manage his own campaign or hire someone who can but he will bring up how careless Crooked Hillary is and we will hear it thousands of times until November.


The Republican Congress is made up of heartless, cruel, misinformed Christians who will sell our country out to Haliburton in a minute; and would rather that their base pay NO taxes than see a new born baby have access to quality healthcare. You are not pro-life; you are pro-birth and you don’t want to help that baby with healthcare, or food and education.  And you love the discussion when it comes around to denying healthcare to young babies or children with diseases that are preventable but you boo when the discussion is about the First Lady’s work to cut childhood obesity. 

Stop wearing your hatred with pride and stop using code words to try to hide your bigotry – like “family values”, especially when you hate the families that don’t look like you.  But you clap for the guy on the stage yet this is his third marriage and he cheated on the first two.

I know that those of you who are elected officials are only doing all of this to stimulate and mislead the hate cult which just happens to be your base of voters. If they really knew that your politics would only make them poorer than they already are; they would vote you out faster than a New York minute.

You are trying to deprive your base so that the rich can continue to get larger tax breaks and you can keep on distributing ‘corporate welfare’ to those special interests who have bribed you for years.

And just for the record, I don’t hate any of you. I am just embarrassed by you and your often thoughtless and cruel behavior. 

There is one thing that has bothered me since former president Clinton was first elected president.  Rush Limbaugh had a TV show then and he proudly announced that the Clintons will have a new dog in the White House and then showed a full screen shot of 12 year old Chelsea Clinton in her braces.  I do hate Rush for that and I have never, never forgotten that as I was so appalled when it happened. Rush, you owe Dr. Clinton (she has a PhD now) an apology.  But it is a fine example of hatred for the Clintons. 


By this way latest news is that 2 Representatives – GOP want a special prosecutor named to re- examine the server/email issue.  There goes another x amount of tax payer money.  Well while they are at it I want an investigation into the 22 million emails that President Bush and the White House deleted as well as all the emails from Sec Rice and Sec Powell that were destroyed. 

The administration officials in the White House had been using a private Internet domain, called, owned by and hosted on an email server run by the Republican National Committee, for various communications of unknown content or purpose. The domain name is an abbreviation for “George W. Bush, 43rd” President of the United States.


As for Hillary Clinton – HRC, I have never been so disappointed in a candidate before.





  1. wow. I really don’t even know where to start. Because you mentioned me by name I suppose that this latest blog post is directed at me so please allow me to respond. First off Disagreement does not equal hatred. I don’t hate anyone but I do call things as I see them. I do remember how this country once was and the things it once stood for. It has gotten to the point where I no longer recognize what it is and unlike you I am willing to call out who I see is at fault and that DOES and always has included the once Republican Party. I really don’t understand the vitriol you display, your side has won. Congratulations! As your President stated when first elected “we are days away from transforming America”. He was right. Have you stopped to consider what that transformation is? We now have become a nation without borders, a nation without borders is not a nation. We now have a country without the rule of law as proved yesterday when the head of the FBI read aloud an indictment against a candidate for President that anyone other than her were and are in prison for less and then proclaimed the law would not be enforced. without the rule of Law there can be no order in a society. we no longer have a Constitutional Republic. the Constitution is no longer the rule book for governance. We have a lawless executive branch that now rules by executive order and a spineless Congress that doesn’t even challenge his lawlessness. We no longer have a Supreme Court that determines Constitutional authority but sets their own laws according to what a majority of the Justices “think it should say”. We the People be damned. We now have a President that makes treaties with foreign nations unilaterally without approval by Congress that are detrimental to our own nation and Congress does nothing. We have a government that spends literally trillions of dollars on things that we don’t need, can’t afford and don’t make sense with no end in sight balanced on the backs of my children and grandchildren. We have a society that thinks its okay to murder unborn children if it is inconvenient for the mother and to sell their body parts for research is ok and don’t give me that crap about it being the mothers right and her body, it isn’t HER body she is killing, she lost that right when she became pregnant. Our leaders continue to blame an inanimate object as the reason for a runaway judicial system that no longer penalizes criminals but makes excuses for their behavior and allows violent behavior in our cities against certain people groups because they’ve already enslaved them to their politics by constantly convincing them they can only succeed with their help and various social programs that only make them more dependent on the status quo. We have bowed to the gay, transgender group and accepted their perversions as normal. A first year biology student can recognize that male and female are normal. Does that mean I hate gays/?I guess in your mixed up world that would mean yes. In mine I see that as human sin just like a lot of others. I can differentiate between the sin and the sinner and feel sympathy for the one and disdain for the other. I came to the realization yesterday that the country I love and grew up in no longer exists and with that comes a great sense of remorse because I think America used to be great. Im sorry that you construe that as hate. It really isn’t towards people but it IS towards a government that seeks to enslave me to comply against my will. I will not obey

    • Good reply but that post was not all about you – it mostly agreed with you.

    • can I reformat your post and use it/

  2. believe it or not I agree with you more than you know, I just don’t agree with your solutions to problems by constant bigger and more repressive government programs. I don’t endorse Donald Trump, I don’t understand why you don’t like him. Him and Hillary are the same person. They both paint a picture of what they Aren’t. I voted for Ted Cruz. I loathe what the “Republican Party” has become. I am a Constitutional Conservative. I don’t hate people, I hate government. I love freedom , especially mine. I truly believe that every little thing the government does takes a little bit of freedom from the individual. Sorry if you don’t agree but that how i see it. You can post my comments, Im not ashamed of how I feel. Im a big boy, i can take the name calling I’m sure your readers will hurl at me.

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