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Women who are white and in between 25 years-of-age and 55 years-of-age is the group in the United States with the highest death rate while every other target group is dropping – doesn’t make much sense does it?  The point in mortality for this group has not been seen since the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980’s.  A recent study of death certificates, shows this spike is even worse for women living in the central United States, worse even more it rural areas, and still worse of all in the lower middle class.

Worse groups

This is worse than any other groups in our country.  These deaths are from drug and alcohol overdoses of working-age white women and has quadrupled with suicides up by over 50 percent.

One demographic

Why, after 50 years of persistent progress in life expectancy for every possible groups of American – men, women, young, old, poor, rich, high-school dropouts, college graduates, urban, rural, white, black, Hispanic or Asian – has this one demographic in the last 10 years shows a percentage surge in deaths that are premature?

Premature deaths

Why are so many white females reporting swiftly dropping in health, mental health, comfort and mobility during their prime working age?

Why, over the last eight years has more than 300,000 of those women basically chosen to poison themselves?


A Nobel-Prize winning economist had studied the data and reports in his opinion, “It’s a loss of hope, a loss of expectations of progress from one generation to another.”

Powerful say

President Obama states, “What we’re seeing is the strain of inequality on the middle class.”  While Hillary Clinton says “Erosion of the safety nets.”  Trump states “Depression caused by the state of our country.”  “Isolated rural communities”, Bernie Sanders said.  While Marco Rubio says “Addictive pain pills and narcotics.”

This is a cause of death that coroners are terming “a premature and unnatural death”.

Alcohol and drugs

Some of these women are working two to three jobs while raising several children and in most cases, no other adult to help her.  It’s a hard life where eventually the hard life breaks a person down and they turn to alcohol or drugs to make it through the day.  This causes all types of problems – from liver diseases to accidently overdosing.  And in most cases it never gets any easier.  Goals are seen in the distance while the reality of this life stretches on for day after exhausting day.  The members of a family that could help others, are having to take care of the own problems with their own kids.

Starts with only one problem

All it takes is one unresolved problem and then the problems begin to stack up.  And these persons become so tired that they never go out to meet new people –just spend their spare time in front of the TV or playing games on a computer.

One pill or one drink becomes many

This leads to maybe one drink to help or one pill until one drink becomes a bottle and one pill becomes several and the body is shot and other things begin to happen.  Many develop cirrhosis of the liver, or lung cancer from smoking.  Others just give up and take an entire bottle of pills to get some relief.

Stop the circles

Then they die and the circle begins again for the family that is left.  And the circle goes around and around with no attempt to break these circles.  It is only through the breaking of these circles will these spikes in death for working white women stop and begins to lower.



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