Posted by: maboulette | April 4, 2016




The leading Republican candidate for president has “major defects” and there are other people who would make better candidates for the White House.  This came from Ben Carson who was a former presidential candidate.

Carson stated that “He has some major defects, there’s no question about it – just like the rest of us,” the retired neurosurgeon stated.  If this is his belief, why did Carson endorse Trump last month? Nor did he detail what these defects were.

Carson’s statement will probably follow Trump in the days until the convention decides on a nominee.  But Trump at this time seems to be the learning Republican candidate in a two man race with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

One defect has been seen as Trump continues making comments that target women, Mexicans and of course Muslims among other groups.  Some leaders in the Republican party have already accused him of not acting very presidential because of remarks he has made against these people.   There is also fear in Washington that Trump would face certain defect if he has to run against Democratic front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  This has been in the news and made it into live news programs.

Currently now the Republican needs somebody who is able to help in the restoration of the confidence of the American people.   Carson, who failed to win any primaries or caucuses this year said that no one believes in the government anymore.

After stating that “everybody believes that we are weak, we are weak on the world state, we’re not doing things that make sense economically,” Carson said also that Trump is “probably the person who’s most likely” to restore American confidence.



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