Posted by: maboulette | August 1, 2015


Earlier last month, the United States, Iran, and other world partners signed what is being called a historic agreement that limit Iran’s nuclear program. The Nation has called this agreement a “victory for all who favor patient, sometimes frustrating diplomacy over those who favor confrontation, even war,” and acclaimed its apparent ability to transform US-Iran relations.

But the right wing warmongers are threatening to undermine all of this evolution. Some of the same people who brought us the invasion of Iraq are advising members to discard the deal, a move that would risk bringing us closer to another war.

Some members of Congress are threatening to interference with the deal. If they get their way, it would put us back on the path to conflict with Iran and increase the possibility of war.

Let all your Congressional members know you are against anything that would cause another war in the Middle East as America has already lost too much money and too many young men and women in the current conflicts in the Mid-East.


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