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Studies have shown that the breakdown of the Larsen B Ice Shelf which is:

  • 10,000-year-old;
  • 625 square miles;
  • along the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula;
  • south of Argentina; 

could be complete by the year 2020.  Larsen Ice Shelf A collapsed in 1995. NASA reports that this was caused by the unceasingly warm summers over the peninsula since the summer of 2002. 

 These warm seasons have caused 1250 square miles of the Ice Shelf to collapse in only a month – reported Pioneer News. 

 This ice shelf is a barrier to icebergs moving into the upper Atlantic Ocean continuing to melt and raising the levels of oceans around the world.  The prediction is that the entire shelf will have a large crack and will cause smaller icebergs moving into the ocean and move glaciers nearer to the ocean.  Scientists are now concerned that warmer temperatures will cause a fast-moving melt that is already irreversible with this area completely gone by 2020. 

Warming of the atmosphere and temperatures of the ocean fluctuation greatly impact these ice shelves.  The University of Innsbruck’s Helmut Rott reported to CNN that satellite images showed a rapid retreat of the Larsen B Ice Shelf in April 2012. 

And now there are indications that the Larsen Ice Shelf C has been melting and thinning but it is at this time still somewhat stable.



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