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At Waco, Texas police had already warned Twin Peaks establishment not to host 200 bikers prior to the shootout which left 9 dead and at least 18 injured.

Still police holding crime scene

Helicopters from the police hovered over the sports bar and could get good images of knives, dead bodies and guns in the parking lot.  The streets in the surrounding area were closed as police were prepared for more bikers to congregate on the city.

Died and injured

Sunday after the shootout, federal and state investigators were still protecting the scene as well as making over 100s of arrests while combing the crime scene for evidences into the night. It all begin earlier on Sunday when over 200 bikers from as many as 5 motorcycles met at Twin Peaks which is known of bikini-topped waitresses and for its group of regular motorcycle patrons.

How it began

But around 12:15 pm the scene turned into a turf war after a brawl inside the restroom, spilled out into the bar – ending in the parking lot with dead and injured and lots of blood.  Those arrested were all charged with organized crime.

Where it ended

The police were already monitoring Twin Peaks, which reportedly were hosting a biker recruiting event and the cops came prepared.  The gang members in their leather vests moved into the parking lot and stabbed and shot at each other – then started firing on the SWAT teams and the police.

Spokesmen for the police stated that what happened could have been avoided if Twin Peaks had listened to the police.  This is the one of the worst gunfights that the police department had ever had in the city limits of Waco. This violent melee had restaurants patrons in and around Twin Peaks running for a save place – including those who hid in freezes as bullets riddled cars and smashed window outside. 

One family crouched down in front of their pickup truck due to the fact that was the only cover they had.  They had just finished lunch at another restaurant that was 25 feet from the bar.

Evidence gathering

After the shootout subsided, 100s of bikers – reportedly members of the Bandidos and Cossacks gangs – continued to hang around the area and still more arrived with weapons.  Photos also showed bikers wearing leather vests from the Scimitars gang.  Another patron said they pulled out their guns and started shooting people.  A reporter from the Waco Tribune-Herald was at Twin Peaks through the chaos and does not believe that this was just a random incident.  With 30 guns being firing in the parking lot – over 100 rounds not to mention the stabbing it looked and sounded like something on TV.

Dead and injured gang members

The nine dead and the 18 injured were all reportedly biker gang members.  No police or bystanders enjoying Sunday lunch were hurt.  But police do not believe this gang feud is over and have yet to release the scene nor interviewed those arrested.

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