Posted by: maboulette | March 24, 2015


Arms negotiations between 7 nations could have been compromised last week when a letter was written to Iran by 47 lawmakers who are all US Republicans.  These are highly sensitive negotiations between the U.S., Russia, China, UK, France, Germany and Iran. 

In this letter written in Arabic these Republicans informed Iran that no matter what President Obama agrees to, these signees can take it off the table.  Two of the names are 2016 Republican presidential candidates Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rand Paul. 

Condemnation came from everywhere – American people, President Obama, Democrats as well as Republicans.  That’s not all, world leaders and officials have expressed their disgust and shock.  It has shown the United States to not be trusted in almost any other treaties we could be involved in. 

The lawmakers wanted to show Obama in a bad light but instead they have only made our country look bad. 

Is this treason?  Do the 47 lawmakers deserve the offices they hold?  Should they be reelected?  I am so appalled in these members of Congress and the extremes they will go to in order to make the President look bad.  These 47 signees do not deserve the offices they hold and certainly should not be reelected.






  1. I would far rather anybody with common sense make this President look bad than have the Iranians with a nuclear bomb. I don’t understand your position. Do YOU think it is a good idea for the Iranians to have nuclear weapons? YES OR NO? if you do then I guess your outrage over what the Republicans did is understandable. If you don’t then you should be glad that SOMEBODY finally stood up to this completely lawless President and by their actions is trying to save the lives of countless thousands of innocent people that WILL be killed if they do get a bomb which YOUR guy is virtually assuring. Some of us think that is a really bad idea. I don’t particularly like their methods either but thank God somebody is finally standing up and saying enough is enough.

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