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imagesChris Bowers, Daily Kos wrote a very interesting article yesterday that says the demographics don’t lie and that Texas is trending blue.

Could this really be true – yes it can with the steady growth of the Latino population-and rapid shift of the Latino population from Democratic-leaning to solidly Democratic-Texas is turning from red to purple. If the Democrats can win in Texas, Republicans have no workable path to the White House.

He further writes that turning Texas to a purple state is going to require strong Democratic netroots – a place for progressive activists to read the news and form an activist community statewide.

Thankfully, Texas Democrats have the Burnt Orange Report.
The Burnt Orange Report is wanting to launch a new version of the site to make it bigger and better, which is exactly what Texas needs in the long-term fight to turn Texas blue.

The Burnet Orange Report is one of the best statewide progressive blogs in the nation and they are on the front lines of right-wing nuttery, always ready to point out Republican hypocrisy and abuses.

Building a statewide powerful netroots is important in every state but it is especially important in red states, where some Democrats feel they are all alone.

They are not alone and blogs like the Burnt Orange Report prove it.


  1. Republicans have no path to the White House now as they have ceased to remain Republicans. Texas turning blue would be the worst thing that could happen to this country. You and those like you would finally get your wish of your vision of utopia. A chicken in every pot and everybody well taken care of without any effort to succeed other than copying up to the next government program to cure all ills. Texas is the last place in the country where individual freedom and capitalism is rewarded but probably not for long. That should make you happy. I however miss the America that I grew up in that didn’t need to tell me what kind of light bulb I needed to read by or how much water I should use to flush my toilet. I’m glad your happy!

    • Response to Steve’s comment, “I however miss the America that I grew up in “:

      Yes, Steve, me too, I absolutely miss the America with strong, proud unions, progressive taxes on earned income which allowed the fortunate few to do more to advance progress. You know, the way it used to be. The America in which hourly pay allowed a high school graduate working full time to raise a family in dignity. Perhaps they bought used cars, but they aspired to buy new cars someday. The America where no one viewed Social Security and Medicare for the elderly as a socialist plot, but as a duty to our elders. In fact, anyone that viewed Social Security and Medicare as socialism was roundly denounced as a nut job wacko – by Republicans and Democrats alike.

      I miss the America where labor was valued and taxes on ‘unearned’ income matched the taxes on earned income. The America where the inheritance tax was considered a patriotic duty to the country that brought you such great fortune, not renamed the ‘death tax’ in order to gut it, for the benefit of a minuscule few whose selfishness blinds their patriotism. The America in which a candidate would never, ever, ever, ever, EVER be considered for the Presidency if he was known to hide his money in foreign accounts to avoid his honest share of taxes. The America which valued knowledge and science and research, and didn’t just reduce it to a strategy for the next IPO.

      You sarcastically mention, “a chicken in every pot,” as though it were a bad thing – such evil! This is what scares the hell out of reasonable people. “A chicken in every pot’ was a Republican phrase and included, “a car in every garage.” The people taking charge in the current Republican party don’t want to just reverse recent efforts towards energy efficiency (light bulbs), they want to eliminate the entire New Deal! They want to take us back to the Robber Baron era – literally, and without any shame. I miss the America I grew up in where the Robber Baron era itself was considered shameful. Here, Steve, have a homework assignment. Read about the Robber Baron era before you glorify it.

      The America you and I grew up in came about because people organized and crushed the Robber Baron era. What you are reacting negatively to, is it’s return.

      Oh, BTW, I think people in the liberal, blue San Francisco Bay Area would disagree that “Texas is the last place in the country where individual freedom and capitalism is rewarded.” That’s just an ignorant statement, though you probably won’t understand, even if you do ever read my reply. Texas is at the forefront of the return of the Robber Barons.

      • I thank you for your comments – I too remember this same America you do!

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