Posted by: maboulette | November 8, 2013


Duane Buck could be executed by his home state of Texas because he is black.

In 1997, Mr. Buck was convicted of capital murder. He was sentenced to death because a Texas jury heard testimony that African Americans are more likely to pose a future danger to society simply because of their race. This racial “evidence” was used in seven cases – all of the defendants except Duane Buck have now been granted new sentencing hearings.

No one should have to die because of the color of their skin. Add your voice to call for a new, fair sentencing hearing for Duane Buck.

It is well known that the U.S. criminal justice system often displays racial bias. In fact, approximately half the African-American prisoners on Texas’ death row are from Harris County – the same county where Duane Buck was sentenced to death.

At the time of Mr. Buck’s trial (1997), Harris County was three times more likely to seek the death penalty for African-American defendants than it was for white defendants in cases like Duane Buck’s.

Click here to join the growing movement to give Duane Buck a fair sentence without racial bias. 

Racial discrimination is contrary to our most basic values as people of faith and as Americans. Even one of Duane Buck’s trial prosecutors is calling for a new sentence – and we hope you will, too.


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