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A lot if you are HRH Prince George of Cambridge further known as George Alexander Louis. 

George is a Greek name meaning “farmer,” and was the name used as king by Queen Elizabeth’s father, called King George VI but whose given name was Albert. George VII is expected to be the name used by Prince Charles should he ascend the throne. In addition, Saint George is the patron saint of England, known for his legendary defeat of a dragon. 

Alexander has Greek origins, too, and Louis — which is among Prince William’s middle names — could be to honor Louis Mountbatten, a mentor to Prince Charles.   

My question now is – what is this family’s last name?




  1. That is a good question. Hopefully someone will have the definitive answer. I believe the family name is now Windsor but I believe they changed the name from….. something else. I thought Prince Philip’s last name was Mountbatten but I could be wrong. The current Royals are descended from Victoria who was a Hanover from Germany but the names get lost in the titles and you would have to strip them down to their birth father’s name. They seem to place no value on their actual name but much on their family’s assumed Family Name.
    I am sorry to hear of Charles’s plans to become George. I was looking forward to a King Charles III. Oh Well

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