Posted by: maboulette | June 8, 2013


louiegohmertTexas Congressman Louie Gohmert has unearthed a new culprit in the Benghazi saga: fellow Republican John McCain.

Conservative radio host Frank Gaffney asked Gohmert to comment on McCain’s “hobnobbing with jihadists” during his recent trip to Syria. Gohmert brought up a similar trip of McCain’s to Libya, where he feels McCain’s policy to depose Muammar Gaddafi unleashed the Muslim extremist forces that later attacked the American Consulate in Benghazi.

If it had not been for Senator John McCain and President Obama being for what we knew at the time included Al Qaida anti-rebel forces, then we would still have a U.S. ambassador and three others alive today, because Benghazi would not have happened. By giving power to the rebel forces that included Al Qaida that brought that whole mess about and helped create problems in Tunisia and Algeria. So I’m not sure what to think about his going to Syria. If history’s any lesson, the people he met with who want us to help should be very careful about what Senator McCain’s support could mean for them.

McCain recently paid on a surprise visit to Syria, where the increasing presence of al-Qaida and the agitation of Hezbollah across the border in Lebanon is complicating an already precarious civil war between rebel forces and Bashar Al-Assad’s government. McCain supports U.S. intervention into the situation.

My question is who in Texas voted for Gohmert?



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