Posted by: maboulette | February 24, 2013


When you read a story once – it could be just a rumor; twice – could be a conspiracy theory, but when you read it in 3 different publications, and another two from Europe as well as an intelligence report, it could be very interesting.

When a once-every-700 year story of the pope’s resignation happened, you just knew there have to be something more then “I am just too old and tired”.   After all it is fairly well known that when you become the Vicar of Christ – you are sort of expected to remain in that position until you die.   So what part of this obligation did Benedict XVL not understand?  The Italian daily newspaper La Repubblican this week reported on a very tangled web that would cause most CEO’s of a large corporation to finally retire.

The headline read “Sex and career, blackmail in the Vatican: Behind the resignation of Benedict XVI.”  Those crazy Italians they love these scandals

The paper goes on to say that Benedict made this decision to step down on December 17th, the day after he received a 300 page dossier from a trio of elderly cardinals.  Benedict has assigned them to investigate last year’s scandal that involved a slew of leaked confidential Vatican documents and letters that alleged to show internal conflict and corruption within the Holy See.  But this is nothing new – every scandal at the Vatican has the same headline, what is so different about this one?

 The “Vatileaks” mess was just another of embarrassments the church has face during Benedict’s reign – that have included money laundering investigation and record-breaking settlements in sex abuse lawsuits.  But these leaks were of a particularly personal humiliation to the pontiff – the documents in question had allegedly been stolen by his very own butler Paolo Gabriele.  Gabriele later told investigators he released the documents “for the good of the Church.”  Paolo felt that such a “shock”, could be a thing that was healthy to bring the Church back on the right track and he seemed to be earnest about this in pretrial testimony.

 The paper reports that Benedict is resigning after the secret red-covered dossier included details about a network of gay priests who work inside the Vatican but who played in secular Rome.  Supposedly, these priests are allegedly being blackmailed by a network of male prostitutes who worked at a sauna in Rome’s Quarto Miglio district, a health spa in the center of the city, and a private residence once entrusted to a prominent archbishop.  It gets better – the evidence includes compromising photographs and videos of these priests – often caught on film in drag and in some cases, caught “in the act”.

 Whatever the accuracy of the La Repubblica story – and heaven knows we may well never get to the bottom of it — it adds color to an already interesting picture of His Holiness. It suggests that the weakened 85-year-old man would be motivated not by his health, not by his desire to make way for new leadership, but by a report prepared by three octogenarians and involving a secret gay cabal. You can almost picture the Pontiff wearily locking up the report in the papal safe for the next Pope to deal with.  Then sliding his staff and fancy ring across his desk and saying, “That’s it, guys. I’m outta here.”

 Sources:  La Repubblica, Altenet, the Daily Beast, Lignett


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