Posted by: maboulette | December 4, 2012


screen_shot_2012-12-04_at_1_35_05_pmNow I am convinced I live in the most ridiculous state in America!

The Times of London reports that several American churches are now offering concealed firearms training in order to attract worshipers to their pews. One of these churches, Heights Baptist in San Angelo, Texas offers a particularly unusual reason why they are now training their parishioners to pack heat — in order to prevent worship services from being disrupted by armed Mexicans :

In Texas, where it’s legal to carry guns into any church without a specific no-firearms policy, Heights Baptist in remote San Angelo began offering concealed carry classes in June. The class was a response to security concerns among congregants.

“We’re about 150 miles from the border with Mexico and we’re very unsure about our insecure borders — about what’s coming into our cities,” Pastor James Miller told NRA News. “Personally, I feel more secure that should our worship time be interrupted by a life-threatening intrusion, that we would at least stand some kind of a chance in stopping either a mass killing or terrorizing experience.”

Miller also claims there is a spiritual component to carrying a Glock hidden beneath your Sunday best: “Jesus advises his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword. He instructed his people to be prepared to defend themselves.”


  1. Oh-Kay.

  2. Yep thats pretty crazy. Isn’t it a shame that citizens feel that threatened that they think they need a gun in church? Crazy stuff does happen though. If my memory doesn’t fail me, I think a guy went into a church and shot the place up about two years or so ago. I’m pretty sure a parishoner took the guy out before he killed alot more. And who can ever forget the wack job that went into the Amish school and killed a a bunch of kids. That could never happen here in America, especially all those peace loving Mexicans coming across our border. What we really need is an open border policy, then they will all love us and we don’t need to feel threatened.

    All right now. Everybody hold hands and sing…koom by ya, koom by ya.
    Oh, I feel better all ready! Thanks!

    • I would love it if I could come to your house and take all your guns away. You don’t need them!

      • I missed it again this year? Darn it! I was too busy drowning puppies and running over cats with my pick up truck. Are you sure it will be happening with the end of the world and all? LOL

      • Funny you mention my guns. I was reading a link on your site from last January where you stated “nobody is trying to take away my guns” meaning this administration. Seems the current Sec of State recently signed onto a UN small arms treaty that is an attempt to give away US sovereignty and make an end run around our second amendment. Can I say…I told you so? Do you care about your rights? Do you realize that if they can take away these, they can take away others. Even if you don’t agree with having a gun, its pretty clear the Constitution gives me that right to defend myself. When are you guys going to wake up?

      • you are wrong – there is no truth to the rumor that Hillary Clinton or anyone else has attempted to give away US sovereignt or to take your guns away. The small arms treaty – which by the way we have not signed – is to prevent small arms from being illegally taken from one country to another. It does not give up US soveregnity about anything. I do not know where you get your information but you need to stop listening to them because they are flat out lying to you. President Obama is not going to take your guns away – that is the truth – so stop listening to and spreading false rumors. I would LIKE to take your guns away but I am not the president or the sec. of state. As for the 2nd amendment it gives you the right to be member of a local milisia (sp) and to use your musket to defend your family and your neighbors and to hunt for food. I do not believe that the founding fathers envisioned the type weapons that we have today. But you really need to have your facts right before you go spreading rumors on the internet.

  3. Besides Steve; Group singing and Koom-by-ya handholding class isn’t until Friday. Today we have finger painting and Fascist Cop Resistance 101. You gotta’ get with the program man. How will we ever make a Liberal of you if you don’t know the schedule? I’ll bet that if I hadn’t happened upon you here tonight; you would have missed the Inter-racial hug-fest tomorrow; wouldn’t you?

  4. So I guess when he told Sarah Brady that after the election he would beable to ‘get things done’he was lying? Or that on an open mike he told Putin that after the election he would be better able to give Russia what it wanted I’m just being paranoid? Thanks for clearing that up for me, I was starting to get worried just whose interests this President was looking out for

    they do support the UN treaty and would sign any anti gun bill you put before him in a heartbeat if he could get it done. If you don’t think this President is against guns, you are flat out delusional.

    ANY treaty any President makes with the UN is antiAmerican. They hate us. Nothing the UN wants to do is good for America. We have a Constitution that gives We the People our rights and I will take my Second Amendment rights as well of any of my other rights to my grave if need be. Sorry you don’t treasure yours as much as you should but there are still alot of us out here that take our God given rights very seriously and are willing to die if need be to keep them! I do have guns and lots of ammunition, when you come to take them, pack a lunch, its going to be a long day!

    • You have no idea what he was talking to – not Putin – but the Russia President about – no one does because there was not enough information for anyone to know what they were talking about.

      As for Obama – you are just wrong

      • It was Vladimir Putin on an open mic. And are you seriously going to tell me that when you heard it in context as it was said that it wasn’t some secret agreement they made that obama was going to sign off on when he didn’t have to worry about re-election? You have out your crack pipe again don’t you? I understand that you like and support the President, I get it , but he is shady as a three dollar bill. He promised an open White House and has done more shady things while in office than any President I can remember and I’m 56 years old. This administration is corrupt as hell from top to bottom. I’m still waiting to hear the truth about Libya. So much for openness or do you still think what happened was about some video that nobody saw?

      • I am going to say this one time only and then I am never going to talk to you about it again. Our President is one of the finest men we have every had in that office. He is a kind and gentle person who is trying to do the best for this country. Those that see him differently then they can’t see pass the color of his skin. As for Libya – you are going to be waiting until hell freezes over because nothing is shady about that. In fact, the CIA just arrested the guy who was the head of the whole thing. You are wanting something to be found – just so you can say that you are right – but Bud – your are so wrong. President Obama is going to go down in history as one of our finest Presidents.

      • It was not Putin Mr. I Know Everything “When President Obama met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Seoul on March, 26, a live microphone picked up an indiscreet aside from Obama.” and I have a picture if this is not good enough for you.

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