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President Barack Obama is the target of more than 30 potential death threats a day and is being protected by an increasingly over-stretched Secret Service. He is the most threatened President in history.

Since the President took office in 2008, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400% cent. Some threats to the President have been publicized, including the well known alleged plot by white supremacists in Tennessee to rob a gun store, shoot 88 black people, decapitate another 14 and then assassinate the first black president in American history.

Most however, are kept under wraps because the Secret Service fears that revealing details of them would only increase the number of copycat attempts.

According to the U.S. Secret Service agents, their goal is to immediately respond to any direct threat against the president, the first family, the vice president, or visiting heads of state. Agents are then responsible for determining the credibility of the threat.

Each time there is a threat, the Secret Service consults with the Protective Intelligence Division in Washington, D.C., to decide how far an investigation is going to go. If a federal arrest takes place, it will lead to the most serious or extreme of the end results.

Recently, when Anton Caluori, 31, allegedly emailed the FBI on the morning of August 21st to say he would “kill the president,” a Secret Service agent was immediately dispatched to his residence. According to the Department of Justice, Caluori was armed with multiple weapons, making his threat not only credible, but viable.

“This case had all the troubling ingredients: threats of violence and explosive devices, multiple weapons with hundreds of rounds and even brandishing of a weapon at law enforcement,” said U. S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan. Caluori was subsequently arrested and charged in federal court with making a threat against the president and assault of a federal agent. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison. He is scheduled to appear in federal court in Seattle Monday for a detention hearing.
Recent national events are a stark reminder that the Secret Service has to take these threats of death or violence seriously. While the Secret Service says they take every threat against the president seriously, not all will end in arrest. Threats will come our way from high school students, even junior high school students in the way of prank type calls.

There are threats on Twitter and on Facebook and other social sites that allow such comments, but they have to look at them all. People need to know that any type of threat against the president is a violation of federal law.
The Secret Service says that many of those who make such threats are mentally ill, and it is the goal of the Secret Service to find them help. It can be “sobering,” they said, when agents show up at their door.
According to the Secret Service, the president is the most threatened person in the U.S., regardless of political party.

The President is not made aware of all threats against him, however, because as the Secret Service says, “the sheer number would be overwhelming and, frankly, distracting.”


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    I Love your blog and the information you provide . Thank you.

  2. I have worried about his safety since the moment he was elected, and the only reason I want his second term of office to go quickly is so that he can be safely out of the crosshairs.

  3. There were actually 2 failed attempts on George W. Bush. One in the initial weeks of his presidency, when an American stormed the white house with an assault rifle and shot at the building, Bush was not there. The other time was in Tbilisi, Georgian, when the dud grenade was thrown at him and failed to detonate. There was even an award winning mockumentary made about killing Bush.

    Of course, Ronald Reagan survived his failed assassination. I think most of the threats toward Obama are phonies, and probably are more upset about the direction of the country, rather than his race. Of course no threat should be taken lightly, and obviously has not been, evident in the fact that the said 30 threats per day have never come to any feasible fruition.

  4. Disturbing.During these last 4 years I knew he had a lot just by listening to all the hate created by the echo chamber . I’ve never seen anything like it and I would think spreading propaganda would be anti-American isn’t that exactly what the Nazi’s used in WWII.

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  7. thanks for this, it just goes to show how reverse thinking and mind control works in the usa today.

    does saying obama should be pulled in front of a court in the Hague – tried for war crimes in afganistan iraq – anywhere a usa base is operating- such as camp bond steel, which veterans today says is processing drugs for the cartels-or for failing to deal with the federal reserve scam that has all americans for the next 10 generations signed up as equity to pay for all these wars of freedom, the banker thefts and bailouts.

    common sense is out the window here,this article is not only propaganda, its saying anyone who dares to say we need justice to be done is a nut ball racist who is insane……………….

    ge paid no taxes in america, most of the big corporations pay no taxes in america, or the rest of the world – to big to fail banks, trillions upon trillions on the military budget, food stamps for the workless because your jobs went to china or india anywhere the labour is cheaper..

    lets face it people get angry and sound off all the time, better they vent the frustration in an email than actually do it……….. so far no one has tried to shoot him or blow him up, his protection agency are to busy with under age hookers drink and drugs – or so we are informed.

    obama is just an empty suit, a figurehead, nothing more more, nothing less than a talking head reading off a tele-printer.

    america, france germany russia england spain are just corporate names, convenient for bankers to use to inspire the people who live on that spat of landmass, above every country is world bankers ltd – the rest is illusion – you seriously think congress works for you?

    we were warned, more dangerous than standing armies, give me the power to create money i care not who runs the country……………

    the world health organisation helped rebuild chinas industrial base with subsidies for the one child policy, the banks did the rest, as they funded hitler, stalin and all the others.

    it would be incredible if one man, obama could stop this, the odds are infinitesimal – reality v fiction.

    meanwhile the rest of the world is still waiting for change you can believe in –

    • I agree with everything you said. But if they are getting Americans for wars crimes then Bush and Cheney need to go also. As for Obama I haven’t a clue – I just pray that he can turn things around for all of us. I think Obama’s odds are a little better than you give him credit for. He is brillant and in my opinion if he needs help he knows people that can help him. Only time will tell.

      • well in many ways he was a better choice than mittens, after ron paul stood down it became the lesser of two evils, so the world breathed a sigh of relief when he was returned in as potus.

        since the election a lot of changes have gone on in the way of top brass, so there has been a slight purge, which may or may not be a good sign, its hard to tell which direction they are going in.

        for a man who wants change, not voting for palestine speaks volumes, with luck it can now go to the courts, the occupied land could be settled without further bloodshed – the double speak of condemnation but total support over the new homes israel are building …………

        obama carried on bush n co agendas, allowing wars and bailouts, more taxes and so on, the cfr and such run policy, he just announces the decisions others make – but things may change, nothing is set in stone.

        you have probably seen the new underwater drones, space drones and such, if not go to www daily mail an english newspaper.What was rumoured to be a ufo was a drone, but most ufo sightings are advanced military craft, most but not all.

        may i ask you why you think obama is brilliant? what has he done that gives you reason to say that?

        could he change the world, yes, america is still the worlds most powerful country…… its just he hasn’t changed anything yet, the country is going to rack n ruination, from the state of the roads to the lack of jobs, all the money goes into black holes in the budget –

        the govt have no money without our taxes, and everything is taxed one way or another, here in the uk plc we pay vat at 20% on everything bar certain foods, fuel – petrol-gasoline is about 1.38 a litre, the govt get o.89p per litre in revenue……. we pay about 130.00 a year road licence, they tell us they will have to charge by the mile soon and privatise the new roads they build.

        our prime-minister was caught taking 250, 000 …donations for suppers in number 10, mr fix it…………. he is still there, selling us out, happy as larry.

        bbc tv have apologised for something they did not do, a massive child abuse case has been killed by a concerted effort from the top – because we were getting to close to uncovering the truth.
        they are now outing a few dead or very very old cases, case closed.

        one day he and blair will be held to account, maybe……. if people awake from their slumber of tv soaps, football, royal worshipping fantasy they are trapped into.

        they say hope springs eternal, and so it does, but actions speak louder than words, the www is full of words, but so far nothing else…………. sockpuppet software has been out for a very long time now, we have paid trolls and think tanks trying to shape opinions…………….. the www is useful, but is becoming a virtual warzone in some ways, certainly it consumes our time up, whereas doing things in the real world is so much more important.

        i often wonder if the www isnt just a spiders web to entrap our time, if everyone spent the same energy and passion in the real world – they would achieve so much more.

        as you say ,time will tell.

      • You know of course that whoever this is that is posting as Steve is NOT correct?

        As much as I disagree with this President on almost every issue…please …please Secret Service do your job. We don’t need another martyr and we most definately don’t need the Delaware Nut Job!!

        I’m guessing though that the reason he is so threatened is because he’s black, right? Can’t possibly be because of his policies that are making so many people feel so hopeless, just his skin color.

      • The death threats are coming from several sources with him being black the majority – I have been on forums and have seen the hate – but it is also because of the recession but his policies are so down the middle – I don’t think it all comes from his polcies. Whenever there is a lot of unemployment, it brings the haters out.

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    I can just imagine how many threats they truly get on a daily basis. Too many people have been wound up with the violent rhetoric from the right wingers. We have already seen people take it out on Congressmen and Women. The rhetoric needs to stop, the hate needs to stop, and the crazy nutjobs need to go back in their holes.

    • The right wingers? Seriously you must be kidding. Comrade Obama ran a campaign ad accusing Romney of murder for gosh sakes. You better step back and look at just which side of the political spectrum is spewing all the hate. It sure isn’t from the right.

      • Actually that did not come from the Obama campaign – it was one of their corperations that were supporting both Romenie and Obama – you know those ones that do not have to say where the money came from. But when I give my $5 I had to amswer all types of questions!! And don’t throw mud on just Obama – Romine was throwing plenty of mud himself.

      • You know of course that whoever this is that is posting as Steve is NOT correct?


        my name is steve, i live in england, if you had read the post i did not say obama should not be protected, i said, quite truly – as reported in the press his bodyguards were more into whores, underage, and drugs………………………….

        so perhaps you could re read it.
        maybe you did not get it reported in the state you live in?

        what i said about obama and mittens is factual, race colour creed mean nothing to me, nor does right left or centre political hand clapping, its what happens on the ground that counts.

        race colour or creed attacks are for people with low iqs, who have no reasoning skills or have given up logic for hatred.

        both parties are corrupt, selling the people out for money or whatever else they see as worth while.

        i do not like m moore, but his film on health care was interesting, he listed how much each member took as a bribe-donation to defeat the bill.

        right or leftwing, the bankers and corporations own them one way or another……. look at your economy…… you have been sold out, as have we, both our taxes go to pay interest on bonds sold to the markets to raise funds for the banks.

        ge paid no taxes, lols.most of our large corporations do not, google or amazon, amazon took 3 billion in the uk last year.

        was it twain who said, whoever you vote for the govt gets in?

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