Posted by: maboulette | November 24, 2012


For Fox News, The War on Christmas comes every year. As you can see from this Talking Points Memo montage, America’s most popular news channel was already raging against The War on Christmas before Thanksgiving, even as an actual battle was being fought in Gaza.

However, 2012′s War on Christmas threatens to be the most explosive ever, with an unlikely new foe joining the fray — the Pope.

In his new book, Pope Benedict XVI plays mythbuster to many of the Christmas conventions that have come to mark the tradition. In this declaration of war on Christmas, the Pope says we have the date of the holiday wrong, no animals were at the nativity scene and angels did not sing when Jesus was born.

When it comes to waging war on Christmas, this is the equivalent of using landmines filled with child soldiers, LSD and uranium.

Why doesn’t the Pope just tell us that the Three Wise Men wished Jesus “Happy Holidays”?

If I know Fox News, and I think I do, they will not let this stand. They will never apologize for Christmas. Don’t be surprised if Bill O’Reilly, brave veteran of 15 Wars on Christmas, is on his way to the Vatican right now


  1. It only took the Papacy 100 years to finally acknowledge what many have known. Jesus wasn’t born in December and it is highly unlikely that Angels actually gave voice to songs for people to hear. I’m not sure about the animals but it seems to me that two choices exist.
    If what we want is the idyllic “Christmas Card” Jesus; then we stick to the traditional holiday story.
    If what we want is a real picture of history as it occured; with true facts and accounts; to aid us in our meditation or biblical education; then it is past time to give up the Holiday Fables and try to learn what jesus truly lived like and suffered through.
    Just saying.

    Either way; I must advise against listening to anything the Pope has to say.

    Not only do I have serious doubts about his biblical knowledge; I also have recently been considering some information that indicates that the upper eschelon of the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the Masons; that they were responsible for the death of John Paul I and that therefore the current Pope is likely a Mason as well.
    There is enough to justify serious doubt as to the agenda of the Church.

    If serious biblical study is not the goal and what you want is that greeting card holiday; so what; the Pope should leave you alone.

    After all we still celebrate Thanksgiving; Independence Day; and Easter; and they are mostly fictional holiday stories as well so; why not?

  2. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    I have a tea partying relative who has often sent me the ridiculous email forwards that they send around. One of them was an earnest entreaty for us all to sign a solemn pledge that we say Merry Christmas and eschew “Happy Holidays” is if being inconsiderate of others was some sort of badge of honor:-/ Of course being the Aspie I am I take things way too seriously so I replied to everyone on the petition explaining why being kind and considerate to others no matter what their beliefs, is a more Christlike behaviour than trying to impose your personal religious perspective on others. My cousin who is variously a satanist, atheist or perhaps just a darn good lifelong impersonation of Han Solo, has a winter holiday greeting some of you may have heard before but it always cracks me up-I believe it goes Happy ChrismaHannukahKwanzaaSolsticeWhat-the_f***. I would really enjoy watching the reactions of the Christmas Defenders to him, except that so far they have all been too scared of him to react. (and he doesn’t even have a Chewbacca for backup! LOL)

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