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One of the rights most winning new writer is a young man who started his career as a writer for the Dartmouth Review, a conservative newspaper founded in 1980 by students who were disgruntled and believed that the  college’s daily paper was way too liberal. 

Dinesh D’Souza has been carefully groomed into what he is today – a venomous, one-sided, outrageously craven wingnut who will say anything and everything as long as it supports the most rancid right-wing agenda. 

He has not only written a book about why “Obama thinks differently than most Americans” but he with the help of right wing big money also made it into a documentary heavy on opinion and lacking on any real facts. It has been playing in movie theatres this political season for everyone to see if they wish to shell out the $11 or whatever the current cost of a ticket is these days. 

Which is why it is so amusing to hear D’Souza, the president of an evangelical college, explaining just how he came to be sharing a hotel room with a woman who is not his wife and introducing her as his fiancée. Apparently D’Souza was in the process of ending his marriage of twenty years, but had not quite gotten around to signing the divorce papers when he shacked up with his lady friend at a South Carolina conference. He has since “suspended” his engagement. 

What is wrong with the Right and their sexual hypocrisy – why does it run rampit in the Republican party?  Do they think that they will not be caught so they wave their hypocrisy publically daring someone to catch them?  Or do they think because they have a special line between themselves and their Creator, He will protect those who do foolish things? Or is it because they believe that working for His cause gives them a special pass protecting them when they are caught in foolish acts? 

There really is no answer to this question, as the foolish Republicans will someday realize that their coat of amour worn in Christ name will not protect them from the foolishness of their own folly. 

And by the way, don’t waste your money going to see this gentleman’s documentary as it is not worth the money you will be spending.


  1. What does his sex life have to do with what he wrote in his book? Why is that hypocrisy? I read his book and I don’t remember anywhere in it that he condemned Obama for cheating on his wife. That would be hypocrisy. Have you read the book? I would bet not. If you did you know that most of his book refers to things Obama said about his life as written in his own book, but I’m sure you are objective when anyone disagrees with you like me who is obviously a right wing hater.

    I am curious though whether or not you are outraged over the current administrations obvious lies and scandal in Libya that has culminated in the death of four Americans? Or do you still think it’s all about some dumb video that no one has seen. How about all the arms that were dumped in there to arm the rebels that killed Qaddafi that are no in the hands of Al Queda that killed our own people. That I suppose doesn’t bother you? You give them a pass because they’re YOUR guys?

    • Well, you are so wrong because I not only have read the book but I bought a copy and have even seen the documentary several times.It proves nothing – it is all opinion!!

  2. That is correct it is D’ Sousa’s opinion that he based on suppositions he derived from Obama’s own words and came to a conclusion based on his statements. i found it a fascinating read, didn’t you? I’m glad to see you can be at least objective and consider that someone else’s OPINION may have some merit even if you don’t agree with it. Can you honestly tell me some of his conclusions didn’t make sense?

    I have lived an awful long time and have come to conclude that quite often things are not so black and white as we would like them to be. All I’ve ever expected from your side of the political spectrum is at least be consistent. If a conservative does something you disagree with, fine, disagree , but don’t excuse someone from your side that does worse. Be an American first!

    I also note that you did NOT comment on my other point about this Libya fiasco. I wonder how objective and silent you would be if this would have happened on George Bush’s watch. I can guess but I find it fascinating how quiet your side is trying to be. More info keeps coming out and you’re still silent. Apparently you can no longer recognize complete incompetence.

    Thank you so very much for your commentary. I know we do not agree very often, but as an American, I believe it is good to be able to discuss issues in an open dialog and who knows maybe we can every once in a while agree on something.

    • I took his assumption and could not come up with the same conclusion and I also thought the conclusion was a stupid one to begin with.

    • Libya – another subject that is not all black or all white – and I have not figured out exactly what really happen and what the point of the whole situation is and why someone has to be blamed for it – sometimes things just go wrong, they just happen. its not because someone messed up – sometimes things just happen. So I haven’t come up with a clear image of what happened and if Obama bears any responsibility or if the responsibility lies with the State Department or the blame lies with the Ambassador himself – he is known for taken chances that some believed were irresponsible.

  3. Maam, there are four Americans dead. The President of the United States watched in real time as the attack went on and chose to do absolutely nothing to help them. As a matter of fact he went to bed and flew to a fundraiser event the next day. Then he sent his own Secretary of State, UN Ambassador, Press Secretary and others out to purposely lie and mislead Congress and the American people. You don’t see anything wrong here? You wonder whether Obama is to blame or not? Where in the hell is your soul woman? Are you that blind to your ideology that you no longer care about your country? This guy is a disaster! He is going to get your sons and mine killed. This is for real not some college debate class anymore. These people hate us and want to kill ALL of us and they don’t give a damn whether your a Democrat or a Republican. This is a BIG deal and you and yours best had wake the hell up and pull your head out of your @#$!

    You don’t know? Yes you do. You just don’t care!

    • How dare you tell me that I don’t care about dead Americans – every male member of my family fought and died for this country – so keep your nasty comments down to more politeness and less of the crap that normally comes with your emails when I don’t agree with you.

      If you think what I feel about the attack is so stupid and that I just don’t care then quit asking me for my opinion – you wanted my opinion and I gave it. What has made you such a nasty old man?

  4. So answer the question instead of calling me names. You guys never answer the questions you just resort to calling names and changing the subject. Does it bother you or not? Is he lying or not? Pretty simple, basic questions, should be easy. That s why I m so old and nasty

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