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KATMANDU, Nepal (AP)A large group of climbers were on their way to the summit ofMt.Evereston Friday in what many believe will be another weekend that is busy at the top of the world.

When this happened last weekend, 4 climbers died while on the way down from the top and became jammed up among the traffic of about 200 climbers who were all attempting to make it to the world’s highest peak as the weather became worse.  Another large crowd is predicted this weekend, but so far there has been no report of any climbers in trouble and the weather is still good.

It’s been reported that 82 climbers reached the 29,035 foot summit Friday morning.  This included the group from National Geographic.

120 climbers began the final phase of the ascent on Thursday night with not all of them reaching the summit.  It is common for some climbers to stop at the last dangerous portion of the climb for many reasons.

There are still more climbers who are expected to try to reach the summit today – which will probably be the last day of this years climbing season.  There will probably not be another chance until next season.

Some climbers began their final trek from the last camp at theSouth Col, located at 26,240 ft on Thursday night and climbed all night in order to reach the summit Friday morning.

Last weekend’s deaths raised concerns that have been growing about overcrowding on the highest trail on the mountain.  The area above theSouth Colis called the “death zone” due to the icy, steep slope, conditions that are treacherous and levels of oxygen that are low.

Last weekend, climbers were heading to the summit as late as 2:30 pm even though 11 am is the latest time to start that is recommended.  That meant that climbers were staying too long at high altitudes and exhausting their oxygen supplies due to no anticipation of having to wait.

Mt.Everesthas been summitted by more than 3000 people since Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to do so in 1953 but some 225 climbers have died trying.

May 10, 1996 is called the deadliest day when 8 climbers were killed. The major reason was that the climbers started their ascent late in the day and were caught in a snowstorm in the afternoon and became lost.

The season for climbingMt.Everestusually runs from late March to the first week in Jun, but this year’s season only had its first clear conditions last weekend. 

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