Posted by: maboulette | April 15, 2012


CLEVELAND (AP) — A 10-year-old girl who survived a shooting by 

MetroHealth Sikorsky S-76 at the 2008 Clevelan...

her father that killed her sister and mother remains in critical condition in a Cleveland hospital. her father that killed her sister and mother remains in critical condition in a Cleveland hospital.

Kayla Allen was shot in a crowded Cracker Barrel restaurant in suburban Brooklyn on Thursday as her sister celebrated her birthday.

A nursing supervisor at MetroHealth System said Saturday that Kayla’s condition remained unchanged.

Police say Kayla’s father, Kevin Allen, came into the restaurant and shot to death his wife, Katherina Allen, and other daughter, Kerri Allen, then was killed by police as he fled.

Well, guns again – we need to do something about this!!  As long as handguns are allowed in this country the body count will continue to rise!!  Who do you think is paying the bill to keep this girl alive?  The American taxpayer that’s who –so guns are actually a health issue also.


  1. A handgun was NOT used in this case. A little research might be in order.

    Long gun…not a handgun.

  3. I think the point it moot, you are actually complaining about what TYPE OF GUN. Hey, “a rose, is a rose, is a rose” buddy.

    • Thank you – I do so get tired of dealing with these people!! mab

      • 🙂 That should read “is” up there too! Not “it”. Bleh. They are tho, quibbling over what TYPE of gun, like it makes a difference. Some people.

  4. so let me get this right…some wack job in Ohio decides to kill his family for whatever reason and uses a gun, and your solution is to take my right to protect my family from some other wack job here in Pennsylvania? How dare you! The Constitution of The United States of America guarantees me the right of life, and the protection of my property against ALL comers, including an oppressive government and people like you that claim I have no right to preserve my own life. How dare you!!

    • I think all handguns need to be dropped in the ocean!! You can protect your family with a rifle but I am encouraging the President and Congress to ban all handguns!!!

      • You’re using a case that didn’t involve a handgun to bolster your argument that handguns should be illegal? BTW, Steve is right. By your logic, no one should be given the 1st amendment freedom of speech because some hillbilly KKK member wrote the N word in a pamphlet.

  5. of course you know, law abiding citizens lose their guns to an oppresive government, the law breakers are going to rush right down and give all their guns up. if you believe that I have some bottom land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean I would like to talk to you about.

    • Sorry but I prefer not to discuss guns!

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