Posted by: maboulette | March 28, 2012



We knew this beautiful, freaky weather was far too good to be true. 

 “The question is whether these weather extremes are coincidental or a result of climate change,” explains researcher Dim Coumou. That is the question. But what is the answer? 

It’s bad. “Global warming can generally not be proven to cause individual extreme events — but in the sum of events the link to climate change becomes clear,” he explains. “It´s like a game with loaded dice,” says Coumou. “A six can appear every now and then, and you never know when it happens. But now it appears much more often, because we have changed the dice.” 

And, more scary news, looks like dice might stay changed forever. Scientists say we’re nearing the point of no return for climate change. “We are on the cusp of some big changes,” said researcher Will Steffen. “We can … cap temperature rise at two degrees, or cross the threshold beyond which the system shifts to a much hotter state.” Um, anyway, enjoy the beautiful spring weather while it lasts. 

Source: [Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact ResearchReuters]

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