Posted by: maboulette | January 27, 2012


In the Scottish town of Gretna Green, from late autumn to early spring you can watch the amazing bird “air show”.

During the annual migration to wintering in Scotland, European starlings fly (sturnus vulgaris), driven by the frost from their homes in Russia and Scandinavia. Soaring, flocks of these birds, like great black clouds in the sky, forming bizarre shapes.

The annual migration of starlings recalls that winter is on its way: Each year the birds arrive here from colder places, and remain until spring. Their wintering habitat is located in the southern part of the British Isles, but birds are especially numerous in the small Scottish town of Gretna Green, where he made these pictures.

During the winter, starlings every day suit “air dances”: approximately an hour before sunset with a flock of all neighborhoods of the hordes of birds.

During the winter every day at sunset a lot of starlings, “they go to dance” in the sky, executing collective pirouettes.

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