Posted by: maboulette | January 21, 2012


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On the 15th  anniversary of Speaker Gingrich becoming the first House Speaker in American history to be reprimanded by his colleagues, the Speaker has been projected the winner of the South Carolina Republican primary.  Wow, the GOP has really gotten in the gutter with their family values – now in order to be a GOP candidate for President you do not have to have ANY moral center.  You can be reprimanded by the House, fined $300,000, have had 3 marriages, 3 different religions and 2 long term affairs and the GOP doesn’t care anymore.  What is wrong with this picture!!  No individual with that bad of a moral center can be trusted with the keys to the Oval office.

And for those of you who are Republicans and have voted or will vote for Gingrich because you feel that our current President has not done anything for this country – you need to do some studying on just exactly what President Obama has done for the country.  You either do not know or do not care to know what he has accomplished in 3 years or you are just too stupid to understand!!!   You better get a clue about what is truly going on in the halls of our government.


  1. Well, in the beginning, anyone who opposed Obama was a racist; now we are just too stupid to comprehend his accomplishments…??!!??

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