Posted by: maboulette | January 6, 2012


NEW YORK (AP) — Nick Cannon has been transferred to a Los Angeles hospital to continue treatment for “mild kidney failure.”

His representative says the 31-year-old Cannon was moved Wednesday after receiving treatment in Aspen, Colo., where the TV personality and his wife, Mariah Carey, had been vacationing.

Carey has been by Cannon’s side. Earlier this week, she tweeted that he is suffering from “mild kidney failure” and posted a photo on her website of the couple as they lay in a hospital bed in Aspen.

She is asking fans to “Please keep Nick in your thoughts.”

Cannon’s representative had no further details Thursday about his condition.


  1. Did he drink the city water or bottled? I am sure they are unaware of all the hydraulic fracturing, and coal mining going on just the other side of McClure Pass. Public health has been diminishing in this area, and EPA reports of all watershed have shown extreme readings of various harmful chemicals linked to use in operations, which cause kidney failure. Perhaps the waste water production was taken to the Aspen water treatment plant and somehow infected the city water system. I live close to these operations, and have had similar experiences since moving to the area in 2009…the same year ‘fracking’ secretly began in our valley.

    And, I found this article through a random google search that consisted of: hydraulic fracturing and aspen and kidneys

    I have never even heard of Mr. cannon until finding the article. Seems strange…

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