Posted by: maboulette | January 4, 2012


DEH DADI, Afghanistan (Reuters) It is being reported that a mass grave with at least 10 human skulls was found in northern Afghanistan by construction workers who were digging to build a car park in an army compound.

This discovery was found on Tuesday near the site in the Deh Dahi district of a major battle during this country’s bloody civil war.

“We brought 10 to 15 skeletons out of the grave and then stopped digging,” said Mohammad Nahim, a spokesman for the Afghan army in the north.

The army asked human rights groups and forensic groups to investigate the grave after the 15 skeletons were found.

On Wednesday the army stopped working around the grave, following a request from the Independent Human Rights Commission.

The grave is some two kilometers (1.2 mile) from Qala-e-Jangi, where the Taliban killed hundreds of resistance fighters led by mujahideen hero Ahmad Shah Massoud.

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