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The Discovery Channel is refusing to show the shocking conclusions of its own documentary.                                                      

“Frozen Planet” is a seven-part series that serves as a gripping portrait of life at the ends of the Earth, featuring stunning shots of wildlife at the North and South Poles.

But when the series airs in the U.S. early next year, Discovery Channel is only showing six episodes: they’re refusing to air the full seventh episode, which deals exclusively with climate change and exposing its devastating effects on our planet.

Claudia Abbott-Barish, an American now living in the UK, where “Frozen Planet” is currently airing, started a petition asking the Discovery Channel to air all seven episodes of “Frozen Planet” to make sure Americans can see the truth about climate change.

The striking footage of “Frozen Planet” is not to be missed — it features never-before-seen images of penguins, polar bears, glaciers, and the great grey owl. It’s an intimate look at the ice-covered portions of our planet, made by the same people who produced the incredible “Planet Earth” series from a few years ago. Throughout the series, viewers follow stories of animals trying to survive in extreme conditions.

But central to the story about life at the ends of the Earth is the reality of climate change.

Some of the show was shot by a cameraman named named Dave, a friend of Claudia’s. While filming in the Arctic and Antarctica, Dave said he was stunned by the experience. He saw shrinking glaciers and melting ice right before his eyes, all while working with scientists who talked about how the devastating effects of climate change are worse than they ever feared.

Discovery Channel prides itself on revealing the mysteries and unseen worlds of our planet. Claudia thinks that by shortchanging U.S. viewers of the reality of climate change, Discovery Channel is doing a disservice to its viewers and the planet.

Please sign Claudia’s petition asking Discovery Channel to air the seventh episode of “Frozen Planet” to tell the whole story about climate change and life at the ends of the Earth. Add your name here:

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