Posted by: maboulette | December 3, 2011


An increasing number of women from Southeast Asia are being smuggled into China and sold into marriage or forced to work as prostitutes, according to a state media report. 

The China Daily report quoted director for the office combating human trafficking Chen Shiqu as saying that the total number of foreign women being trafficked into China is definitely on the rise. 

Shique further stated that most of the women brought in come from poor rural regions of Myanmar, Vietnam, or Laos and are lured by transnational criminal gangs with the promise of marriage to rich men or good jobs.  No figures were released with this report. 

Upon arriving in China, these victims are frequently sold to villagers as brides or forced to become sex workers in the growing brothels underground in border or coastal regions such as Yunnam and Guangdong provinces. 

Some Asian women are taken as far as Hebei province in the north, which surrounds Beijing, where police have already rescued 206 women since April 2009, the report quoted the provincial public security department. 

Dependent on appearance and nationality, women are sold for between 20,000 yuan ($3,100) and 50,000 yuan each , reported Jim Yulu, an official at the Ruili border crossing to Myanmar. 

According to UN figures, selection of sex combined with China’s control rules on population has led to an imbalance in gender, with 118.1 boys currently born for every 100 girls against a natural ratio of 105 boys for every 100 girls.

Source: AFP

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