Posted by: maboulette | November 30, 2011


These are several photos of the month that were entered during the year into the National Geographic yearly photo contest.

Moonset, California

A setting moon makes a fitting backdrop for a lunar like landscape near Donohue Pass in California’s Ansel Adams Wilderness area.


Blue Pond, Hokkaido Japan

Photograph by Kent Shiraishi

This Month in Photo of the DayNature and Weather Photos

The “blue pond” of the famous tourist resort in Biei, HokkaidoJapan is a place where many tourists gather in spring, summer, and autumn. However, since this pond freezes in winter, nobody is there during that period. This photograph was taken during the first snow of the season as it fell over the blue pond.


Tulip Farm, Tasmania

Photograph by Anthony Crehan, Your Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: Nature and Weather Photos

Aerial view from a helicopter of the tulip field at the Table Cape Tulip Farm on Table Cape, near Wynyard, on the North West Coast of Tasmania. It was Blooming Tulips Festival Day at Wynyard and fortunately for the photographer and his six-year-old grandson, the helicopter operator was selling 15 minute joy-flights. On the left-hand end of the rows of tulips you can see some of the visitors to the farm’s open day.


Skyscrapers, Dubai

Photograph by Catalin Marin, Your Shot

This Month in Photo of the Day: Nature and Weather Photos

Every year around the month of October, Dubai experiences heavy fog due to the still-high humidity and the falling temperatures. With all the new high-rise buildings (including the tallest in the world, (Burj Khalifa) this provides a great photographic opportunity.

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