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More possible victims have stepped forward with allegations of a woman who posed as a doctor in Florida promising enhancements of the buttocks then pumping their behinds with a mixture of superglue, cement as well as flat-tire sealant, state health officials stated on Tuesday.

Oneal Ron Morris who police officials say was born as a man but identified as a woman – was arrested Friday after almost a year of being wanted and was charged with the practice of medicine with no license with serious bodily injury.  Law enforcement is saying that a victim who was seeking to obtain a job at a nightclub and wanted to have a curvier figure paid Morris $700 for the injections in 2010.  Morris allegedly used a type of tubing and inserted the toxic chemicals into her backside during a procedure that was extremely painful.

The victim whose name can not be released due to medical privacy laws, suffered lasting damage from scarring around the sites of injection.  Not long after the surgery, she went to the hospital, but left without seeing any medical professional because she was embarrassed to tell any physician about the procedure.   She required multiple surgeries as well as 24-hour home healthcare for an extended time period, according to a statement released from the Department of Health.

State health officials stated Tuesday that several possible victims have come forward alleging Morris performed the same procedures on them resulting in injuries that were life-threatening.

Thirty year old Morris has been released from jail on bond.  There is no phone listing for Morris that can be found and it is unclear whether Morris has an attorney.  Police officers say that Morris performed the same surgery on herself.  Authorities further stated that Morris might be part of an underground plastic surgery ring working in South Florida.  Officials said additional arrests are possible but would not elaborate due to it being an ongoing investigation.

Morris was tracked thru out South Florida for nearly a year and investigators aid she frequently moved.

Florida state health officials are advising other potential victims to contact them.

Source Reuters


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