Posted by: maboulette | November 21, 2011


If you want to take a vacation that is a real adventure, and you have an extra $77,000 to spend – sign up for the Titanic Expedition Cruises offered by Horizon and Co.

This is a cruise to see the world’ most famous shipwreck on the 100th anniversary of it’s sinking!  Yeah, I know — you don’t believe me – but wait – I am not joking!!  If you are willing to tempt fate, you can get up close to the disaster minus Celine Dion singing.

This is a 15-day Titanic Expedition Cruises, departing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and includes a dive 12,500 feet below the surface in a Russian Mir submersible piloted by members of the Titanic movie’s expedition team.  And back on the surface, there are lectures and seminars, a memorial service and as on all cruise ships, lots and lots of food.

Now, I can’t go but if you are interested below is the information you will need!! 

 Horizon & Co. Titanic Expedition Cruises, from $12,498 per person (excluding the dive) and $66,257 per person (including the dive). 2012 sailings depart July 12, July 27, and August 6
Tel: 800 387 2977

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