Posted by: maboulette | November 17, 2011


Kate and Wills

By Suzan Clarke | ABC News Blog 

Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, are apparently preparing for a royal heir.

According to In Touch magazine, Middleton – who captivated people around the world when she married Prince William in April – is six weeks pregnant.

Citing a “palace insider” who allegedly has been right on other royal secrets revealed, the magazine said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are readying three nurseries for their child.

As for a name, the insider told In Touch that the couple want something “traditional.”

“Edward, Philip and Michael are likely choices for a boy, or Alice or Rose for a girl,” the magazine quoted the source as saying.

The prince reportedly wants a baby girl, In Touch claims.

The royal palace has said it would announce the news of any pregnancy, and has a policy of not commenting on such rumors.

Of course, this is not the first rumor of a royal pregnancy.  On a visit to a United Nations aid depot in Copenhagen earlier this month, Middleton, 29, politely declined to try peanut paste, sparking speculation that she was pregnant.

Doctors and government experts have long urged pregnant women to stay away from peanuts and their by-products in order to avoid allergies.

And the pair’s recent decision to trade their modest two-bedroom London apartment for more opulent accommodations has further fanned the rumor mill.

Just last month, the British parliament changed the country’s succession rules –  in place for more than 300 years — to allow females to more readily become the head of the monarchy.  Any potential female child of the couple could then be queen. Prior to the rule change, females could ascend to the throne only if they had no male siblings.

British Prime Minister David Cameron was said to have initiated the change in the rules so that the first child of Prince William and Middleton could benefit. 

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