Posted by: maboulette | November 17, 2011


Tiger Woods

Notorious caddie Steve Williams has condemned former employer Tiger Woods over Woods’ extra-marital affairs in remarks that threaten to create additional tensions between the two.

Williams made the remarks in an interview last month, before his widely reported racial slur against the world’s former number one. It was aired just as the pair faced each other at the Presidents Cup Thursday.

The New Zealander still maintains that he knew nothing about Woods’ affairs that came to light in 2009, creating a slump that has seen the 14-time major champion fall in world rankings. 

“I guess I thought I knew him well and I didn’t,” Williams reportedly told YahooSport during the interview in New Zealand.

“I just didn’t like having my name associated with it,” he added. “That sort of activity is not something that I have anything to do with and it’s something I didn’t like.”

Williams, who was fired by Woods in July with no warning, said he would have let the US golfer know how he felt if he had known what was occurring.

“I’m a very loyal sort of person, I don’t agree with that sort of behavior. I would have been strongly giving my piece of advice,” he said.

These comments were made public on the day Williams and his new boss, Australian Adam Scott, played in the same foursome as Woods at the Presidents Cup in Melbourne.

Williams also stated that he does not believe that Woods will break Jack Nicklaus‘s record of 18 as he had lost his air of intimidation.

“The intimidation factor counts for a lot and right now Tiger doesn’t have that intimidation factor. That’s one part of his game that’s not there anymore,” he said.

Williams has already apologized to Woods for comments made during an awards dinner in Shanghai.

The pair came face to face last week at the Australian Open in Sydney, where Woods came third, with the American saying the pair had shaken hands and agreed to move on.

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