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By Emily H. Bratcher

We’ve come along way since the outhouse days. And yet, more often than we’d like, we stumble across a restroom that brings us back to the grim days of yore. Dirty, smelly, grungy public bathrooms that continue to haunt us long after we use them.

But then there’s the other side of the coin — those public restrooms that are really something to admire, the kind that surprise you enough to come back and exclaim to all your friends, “You’ve got to check out the bathroom!” This piece is about those kinds of lavatories, not the gross ones, thank goodness. 

Cintas, a company that among other things supplies restroom facilities, has for 10 years asked the public to rank America‘s best restrooms. The company’s rankings’ process is two-fold: First, it accepts nominations on toilets across the country and then it asks the general public to choose the best commode from a list of 10 finalists. This list reflects Cintas’ top-five public restrooms in the U.S. and the five runners-up.

To nominate a public bathroom that belongs in next year’s top 10, wax lyrical on their merits here

First Place:

The Field Museum 

With such a soothing blue-green color palette, The Field Museum‘s restrooms might serve as a cure to public restroom phobia.

Second Place:

Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel 

Architecture and interior design firm ForrestPerkins uses light effects to transport guests from a suburban hotel of Washington, D.C. to a tropical paradise.

Third Place:

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts 

Ever mindful of the environment, this restroom features include low-flow toilets and faucets in an effort to conserve water.

Fourth Place:

Don’s Johns Luxury Presidential Restroom Trailer 

There’s nothing worse than missing part of an event because you have to use the bathroom. Well, Don’s Johns has you covered. If the event is being filmed (as the Inauguration was), a flat-screen television mounted on the trailer’s exterior will keep guests waiting in the bathroom queue in the know.

Fifth Place:

Snowbasin Resort 

Located in Utah’s Sun Valley, the Snowbasin Resort is about an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City and is open year-round, as are its plush restrooms.

Runner Up:

Castello di Amorosa Winery 

Although 13th-century Italian villas inspired the design of this castle and winery, its restroom facilities are completely modern and even luxurious.

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