Posted by: maboulette | November 5, 2011


A Spanish video showing a man attempted to take out cash from an ATM, only to have a snake slither out of the cash-dispensing slot have gone viral. 

The security camera at the ATM captured the snake and before long, the footage turned up on the blog BoingBoing and quickly made the rounds of the Web.  The video short shows the snake which got stuck in the ATM slot as it was posed to exit – peering out of the machine.  Some individual then tries to poke it with a stick and the stressed-out reptile did not take very kindly to being poked.  So the snake, lashed out at the stick with its tongue.

But all is well that end’s well, the bank customer got his money and the snake was freed by police, who took to it an animal shelter.

Odd but true!!

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