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Cruise ship Island Princess moored in Port Eve...

By Jason Gallagher | Yahoo! Contributor Network 

In an effort to increase the rest and relaxation of the cruise experience, Princess Cruises has completed a project that has brought an adult-only area of peace and tranquility to the majority of the ships in the fleet. The area is called “The Sanctuary” and can be accessed by the adult crowd for $10 per day, meaning the areas serve up a healthy dose of revenue as well. The renovation emphasizes the popularity of cruises for families, yet still manages to underscore the importance of allowing adults a little peace and quiet. 

Besides using the niche areas to raise additional revenue, the areas offer a retreat for anyone looking to escape the commotion that can regularly occur on a cruise ship entertainment deck. Everyone from seniors to singles can relax in comfort without fear of being disturbed. Even the Disney Cruise Line widely associated with family vacations has areas designated only for adults. 

Orbitz has a search feature for adults-only resorts. While more of a specialty segment of travel, people with children often overlook how common adults-only resorts really are. Resorts that cater specifically to adults are actually quite easy to come by. 

The areas on Princess Cruises are popular, but it is tough to classify the areas as becoming “more popular.” More and more adults are putting an emphasis on their entertainment, which has increased demand and made travelers more aware that the facilities are offered. The offerings are definitely a hot trend right now. 

Typically some restaurants on ships are deemed only for adults. Plus, bars, nightclubs and lounges are adult only entertainment districts. In addition, many spas on several different ships cater specifically to an adult audience. Therefore, many areas of a cruise ship are escapes for anyone seeking some time alone from the younger audience, but they are not always free. 

Currently, there are no U.S. based cruise lines that offer a totally child-free environment. That means vacationers looking for a grown up audience of fellow vacationers needs to stick to the traditional adults-only resorts. However, escaping to private areas on a ship that serve up an adult-only atmosphere is a real possibility, but choosing the right ship with the desired features is an important step.


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