Posted by: maboulette | November 3, 2011


Tiger Woods at Dubai Desert Classic 2001

Associated Press out of Singapore reports that Tiger Woods believes that he is ready to return to top form after finally shaking off the many injuries that have undermined his golf game for the last 2 years.

“The last couple of years, I haven’t really played as well as I’d like,” Woods said Thursday during a one-day stopover in Singapore. “I made some changes in my swing and I’ve obviously been hurt and that kind of added to it.

“Now I’m healthy, playing again, playing more and playing consistently.”

The formerly #1 golfer in the world says he is practicing more frequently and is starting to get his instants back.   But is his mine back to where he can totally focus on the game?

Woods has fallen out of the top 50 for the 1st time since become a rookie in 1996 and has not won a tournament since 2009.  Playing at the Open last month, Woods tied for 30th.  Currently he is scheduled to play in the Australian Open from Nov.10 to 13.

Woods chalked up all is recent problems to the “cyclical” nature of the career for a golfer.

“You look at everyone’s career, you have these ebbs and flows,” he said. “We don’t play well all the time.”  Yes, Tiger but you haven’t played well for almost two solid years – it is time for a come back.


  1. Nice article, I have to say I think we will see the Woods of old next season. I’ve written an article about his effect on viewing statistics, come and have a look,, and if you follow me on twitter id be happy to reciprocate

    • Now following on Twitter – you also have a great site – keeping it to one interest. I have so many interests it is hard for me to narrow my niche. Thanks for the comment!!

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