Posted by: maboulette | November 1, 2011


Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first c...

This bullying in school is beginning to get very old to me – but the practice still remains frighteningly common in our nation’s schools.  And, all too often, it is gay teens who are the victims.  This newest example is particularly disturbing.

A 15 year old gay teen in Chillicothe, Ohio was beaten in a school classroom with the incident captured on camera – showing a classroom full of students who did nothing to break up the assault.  The victim had also been bullied on Facebook.

The student who did the assault only received a three-day suspension.  Rebecca Collins who is the mother of the student who was beaten doesn’t believe that is enough.  She and her son are currently pursuing options with local law enforcement.  Her son suffered a possible concussion as well as a chipped tooth in the attack.  You can watch the video below of the assault although the video is not that good the views expressed by Mrs. Collins are very insightful.  WARNING – THIS MAKES FOR VERY DISTURBING VIEWING.


  1. Bullies are cowards but they were made that way by their parents. The parents should be facing criminal consequences along with their offspring.

    • I so agree with you – they have to learn to hate from someone and it is usually the parents. I read an article that kids from families of returning veterans are having problems with violence.

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