Posted by: maboulette | October 30, 2011


NEW YORK (AP) — Naked art lovers are no longer able to take dips together in a bathtub-like installation at a New York City museum after warnings from health officials.

The “Psycho Tank” is part of an interactive exhibit “Experience” by German artist Carsten Holler.  The pool sits off the ground in a tent-like structure. Visitors are handed bathrobes, slippers and towels before heading into the salty, warm water — nude.

The New York Post reports health officials said allowing more than one person would have required a permit the museum didn’t have.

The museum is now allowing only one person in at a time.

Officials are also investigating whether other parts of the exhibit, which include a giant slide and a carousel, meet city regulations.


  1. Wow, surprise it was allowed in the first place!

  2. That should read surpriseD. 😦

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