Posted by: maboulette | October 27, 2011


This image

and the images that follow, are examples of a photograph technique known as ‘Miniature faking.’ 

This is actually a full-sized house, but several tricks are used to make it appear as if it were a miniature. The lens is tilted on its axis, making the depth of field shallow and causing foreground and background to blur. (This effect can also be enhanced in digital processing of the photo.)

The picture is taken from a high vantage point, as one might look down on a model. And the colors are digitally saturated to give the effect of a painted miniature. These techniques, combined, fool the eye into thinking this is not a full-size object.



  1. Ok, I am stupid, why would someone do that? 😦

    • Perhaps as illustrations in a children’s books – I really don’t have any idea – I just thought it was an interesting trick of photography.

      • It is very interesting! Just couldn’t figure out why? 🙂

    • Why does art need a reason? Whats the reason for our life here on earth?

      • You are right, about art. Hehehe dunno what I was thinking. Brain dead! 🙂

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