Posted by: maboulette | October 19, 2011


Bachmann In Iowa

Image by TalkMediaNews via Flickr


Michelle Bachmann made a gratuitous remark about President Obama’s family in an attempt to show he’s soft on immigration – this was during the Republican Presidential Debate in  Las Vegas Tuesday night.

As moderator Anderson Cooper went around the group asking for solutions to the immigration problem and, namely, whether a fence or other exclusion apparatus would be an option they would entertain. When it came time for Rep. Bachmann to answer, she refused to attack the policies of any of the other candidates on the stage– this after a heated exchange between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney– instead turning to the real opponent of all the Republican candidates. “The person who really has a problem with illegal immigration is President Obama,” she answered solemnly. “It’s his uncle and aunt that have had immigration problems.”

While it is true that the Obama family have had some issues with immigration, it is entirely unclear what that has to do with President Obama’s policies, particularly since there is no indication that these family members have even spoken to the President in recent memory.

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