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The InfoWars team has released stunning secret video footage showing how the toxic chemical fluoride (actually fluorosilicic acid) is dumped into the public water supply in Austin, Texas. The secret footage reveals pipes so corroded by the highly-corrosive fluoride chemical that they have quite obviously needed aggressive repairs just to keep the liquid chemical flowing. Watch this undercover video footage, which was taken without the permission of Austin water authorities, in this InfoWars video. 

Further, our reporters speak with people on the street to get their take on the controversial practice that has garnered many highly-credible critics as public awareness grows. Even government agencies have now warned that fluoride levels must be reduced to decrease the risk of dental fluorosis, which most greatly affects developing children.



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  1. This is pretty funny. LOTS of fluoride is harmful, but the amount ingested by fluoridation of water supplies is pretty minimal. It is indeed hugely beneficial to strong tooth formation. Yes, fluorosilicic acid is very corrosive, but so is salicylic acid. Yep, that stuff can cause chemical burns. Pretty bad stuff. Oh, did I mention that salicylic acid is aspirin? Um, just not ingested in a concentrated form. Just like fluorosilicic acid that’s ingested in lots and lots and lots of water.

    If I don’t get it in my water, I’ll just have to give it to kids in drops I’d add to their juice. I had that done to me, and my teeth have been perfect.

    This attached YouTube is just hilarious. As the interviewee says “It just SOUNDS scary!” I’m have to pity him for his abject fear. Let him rest his head on my shoulder. None of these interviewees, nor the reporter, has any evident scientific or medical expertise. We’re being told what to do by “people on the street”. Thanks so much for telling me what the “street people” say. Why, I’ll bet one of them is a secretary, and another is a fast food salesperson or a grocery checker. Can’t argue with that kind of deep expertise.

    Mudslinging doesn’t help anyone with anything, and the mud is flying by pretty fast here.

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