Posted by: maboulette | September 9, 2011


Texas Governor Rick Perry

Image by eschipul via Flickr

A very radical anti-abortion group has announced that Rick Perry is supporting Ohio’s extremely provocation anti-abortion bill called the “heartbeat bill” which is one of the most restrictive and radical abortion measures in the U.S.   This bill that is planned to establish a direct challenge to the 22 to 24 viability standards in Roe v. Wade by outlawing abortions if a fetal heartbeat is detected, which could be as early as 6 to 7 weeks after conception and also has no exception for cases of incest, rape or mental health of the mother. 

At a meeting held in Texas, Governor Perry made the announcement of his support before a group of 250 pro-life and pro-family leaders.  His response of support to the question about the Heartbeat Bill received an extended standing ovation. 

This very radical bill is being supported by the very equally radical Faith2Action’s Jane Porter, who is a believer in “dominion” theology – “the idea that Christians are called to take complete control over every aspect of human life in order to bring about the return of Christ”. 

The Ohio House passed this measure in June, during a very bizarre session when Republican lawmakers compared any opponents to this law to slave owners and argued that abortions make individuals more likely to smoke pot.  The state Senate of Ohio is expected to take-up the measure this month.

Last week, a federal judge blocked a Texas law Perry signed that would have required women seeking abortions to undergo sonograms and listen to the fetal heartbeat twenty-four hours before the procedure.

How ironic that the governor who has presided over the most inmate executions in history supports an anti-abortion bill that is the most radical bill ever written.



  1. Women will organize and demand legal protection for their reproductive rights insisting all women should have the freedom of choice. It is only in the exercise of that freedom where we see the epitome of hypocrisy when those free women suck, scrap or saw from their womb the unborn woman who has absolutely no legal protection.

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