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Promise Keepers logo.

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The conservative Charity Giveback Group secured ads from popular companies like Apple and Wells Fargo—until a grassroots effort slammed its antigay stance. Now the firm is fighting back.

On Aug. 9, a man describing himself as an “adviser” to the Charity Giveback Group, or CGBG, a Christian fundraising operation that Mike Huckabee is involved with, left an oddly threatening message on the voicemail of a San Francisco blogger named Roy Steele.

The for-profit company, which had been known as the Christian Values Network until a March name change, operates a sort of online mall, donating a portion of each purchase to religious nonprofits. Among them are conservative organizations like Focus on the Family, The Family Research Council, Promise Keepers, and a number of anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers. In recent months, thanks to a remarkably successful online boycott campaign, major companies have rushed to disassociate themselves from CGBG. Steele publicized the boycott on his blog, Tie-Dyed Jive in the (415), and sent out a press release promoting it. The voicemail he received in response, if indeed from someone associated with CGBG, would suggest that the company was getting rattled.

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