Posted by: maboulette | August 24, 2011


I discovered a wonderful, funny female comic who has been around for quite some time and I have no idea how I have missed her.  I am talking about Kathleen Madigan who Jay Leno calls “one of America’s funniest female comics.”  Now, since comedy is one of my passions – I can’t understand how I missed her.  It seems that she is a regular guest on “The Tonight Show”, “The Late Show” and almost every other network that I obviously have not been watching.  She is a mainstay on Comedy Central but I obviously have not been watching that either.  I am just going to chalk this up to age and a mind that at times ceases to function or a body that has to go to bed before 10 pm. 

Ms Madigan has a ironic sense of humor that makes me roll on the floor laughing and her material is working-class observational humor on politics, places she has been and her family – the stories about her family are priceless.   Kathleen Madigan is one funny, funny lady.

Now why does all of this matter to me – I am in the process of stopping smoking and I get really anxious at times.  One day that was particularly bad when I had eaten oh, 444 carrot sticks and still wanted a cigarette, I found her latest DVD “Going Madigan” on Netflix and it saved that day for me – thank you!!   So since that worked out so well, and never one to do things in a small way,  I got online and proceeded to buy every CD or DVD that she had for sale – figuring that would help if I hit anymore bumps in the road with the smoking bit.  Well, there have been lots of bumps and I have listened to this material so much I almost have it all memorized. It indeed has been a life saver for me (for 5 months now) but soon she will have to come up with some new material written especially for those smokers trying to stop. 

Her website is located at Kathleen Madigan | Official Site.     If you find her on tour in a city near you – you must go to her show. She has no dates in Texas so I will just have to bug her on Twitter or Facebook until I can get her to do a show in Austin.

So, if you want some good laughs and to enjoy this witty  and clever woman – you can find her DVDsGoing Madigan” and “In Other Words” on Amazon as well as 2 CDs.  I recommend her to anyone who is trying to stop smoking and having anxiety attacks – no….. actually I recommend her to everyone.

Thank you Kathleen – I had forgotten what it felt like to laugh really hard – something that no one should ever forget.  And I am almost to the point where I have forgotten what smoking a cigarette is like – well, actually that is probably a lie – sorry!!


  1. Enjoyed!

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